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Potter's Chaos Legion

Battle Magic's Chaos Legion

From left to right : Millicent Bulstroke, Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan, Pansy Parkinson, Pikachu, Theodore Nott, Lavender Brown.

Chaos Galore!

Millicent - girl body builder
Harry - chaos leader, almighty snap
Neville - posing schrodinger fu
Dean & Seamus - using light saber
Nott- cosplaying as 'Snake' Metal Gear Solid
Pansy - pokemon trainer
Lavender - beauty on a skateboard

dedicated to a wonderful Harry Potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]
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Memories of Less Wrong's fanfiction are forever ingrained in my mind.
lunahikori's avatar
Hey look-
Neville is doing...

(If you get this reference I love you 😂)
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Oh my god I love it soooooooooooooo much XD
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Should Pansy be in the Chaos Legion?
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Good catch; Pansy wasn't a participant in Quirrell's armies at all.  However, that could be Tracey Davis, as she *was* in the Chaos Legion.
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Is this before or after Harry has has to give up a bunch of his people?
I'm trying to figure out who was in Chaos and who is!
Ilovedracohpmor's avatar
Because he gives up Lavender! Right?
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Today I would like to thank you because your arts forced me to read TMOR. Thank you soooo much!!!
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Why is Harry wearing Ravenclaw robes?
Cause in the fic, he's a Ravenclaw
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This Harry Potter is very different from the one I know, Listening to the Audio of it in my Taxi to work has made me stunned, I can't believe J.K. allowed Less Wrong and Eliezer Yudkowsky to make this story.
well if you don't like it please feel free to send your complaints to 1-800-GOFUCKYOURSELF
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I don't hate it, I love this idea, Very interesting, And I'm gonna ignore the 1-800 insult.
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Brilliant! Love this one especially! HJPEV ftw!
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OMG! LOL This is the best of the three army pics by far! I love it so much! New wallpaper for me! Thank you for this wonderfulness!
santizhizi's avatar
really chaotic...
NikoGurl's avatar
Hi there! I made a 3D version for your logo.…
VampireCow's avatar
I love Harry's expression.  I love this.  So perfect.
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Well, this is going in the favorite box.
AirSlytherin1's avatar
I'm not sure what's funnier: Harry being in Ravenclaw, Neville doing Tai Chi, Dean and Seamus with lightsabers, or Theo with a gun. XD
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