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Potter's Academic Rival

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Chapter 29 of fanfic Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong[link]

Hermione dreamed to be famous as the brightest academic star of Hogwarts, who was earning more points for Ravenclaw than anyone. Instead she was being famous as the Boy-Who-Lived's academic rival, whom name happened to be Hermione Granger.
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I love it, I love it, I love it!*

Hermione's all like "Everyone is going to say Hermione has the top score of the class!"

But what happens is the girls are saying Harry Potter's rival got seven points higher. I never thought a woman would have a phallic victory. Truly ironic.

*1,000 points to whoever can place that reference. However, points are like a shell w/o the nut inside. They're absolutely worthless.
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It's all in the expressions.
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The emotion that you put in your work is perfect!! I love every single one that I have seen so far.
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LOL! Awesome!!
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Just... Wonderfull
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Mein Gosh, Patil is so cute!
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Hahaha. The smug grin Harry has in the last panel...MUAHAHAHAHA
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Poor Hermione, still being compared to Harry even though she got a better score
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i really like hermione's expression in the last panel. dunno why. great comic!!
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Nehh..why are they Ravenclaw colors?
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Because it's a fanfiction in which they were sorted into Ravenclaw.
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Correction: it's a REALLY GOOD fanfiction in which they were sorted into Ravenclaw.
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this is great. its thanks to your pictures i even learned about the story ( which i am now thoroughly addicted to.) if i can make a request can you do the seen from chapter 74 where Tracy casts the spell to summon harry.
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parvati is just so cute int his one! and harry has a handsome smirk! hermione has a beautiful face shape!
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I love how little talking Harry and Hermione do in this strip - their expressions tell you everything! I'm always impressed when people can use anime-like simplicity to capture so much character - you nailed it!
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... why is an eleven year old allowed to have
a mysterious dark side, near infinite wisdom,
and now a supermegafoxyawesomehot face?

WHY? why all of this when i've already turned sixteen?
. ___________ . ""

but if harry keeps illegally using the time-
turner, he'll be physically older, right? YES.
exploit loophole? check. >D

i love the way you draw. everything. < 3
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Has anyone else noticed that in all HP&TMOR fan art/comics, Harry looks *really* evil?

Hooray for physical, nonverbal characterization!

(I think it's the eyes. Something about the eyes. Or the color of the eyes paired with the Ravenclaw blue...)
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Now I want to read the fic. Very cute artwork! Good job!
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Poor Harry Potter's riv -
I mean, Hermione.

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poor Hermione ^^ thanks seeun0709
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