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Muggles had reached the moon

Harry 'Mr.Bronze' Potter showing Draco Malfoy muggle's achievement in spaceship & science. Shocking Draco that muggle had reached the moon. Harry wearing brown winter scarf because he is in disguise so nobody recognize him as the Boy-Who-Lived. Next to them is a Quibler which headline : the boy-who-lived gets draco malfoy pregnant^^
I apology I forgot to draw the comed tea in this picture, sorry..

This picture is dedicated to a wonderful harry potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]
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A wonderful choice, and very well done.
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In that moment I was SO :
" Join us to the Bright side Draco. We have technology! "
My friends on the other side [icon commission] 
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How did I NOT think this.
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Heh, nice one.
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Just love the feel of your pictures, the mischievousness, and the expressions are perfect!
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MoR is an exercise in mental masturbation, bad use of story, the missing of points completely and shows the author's complete ineptness as a critical thinker and as a nice person in general. The book eclipses Atlas Shrugged in it's meanspirited pushing of its worldview and the fact that it uses Harry Potter at the crux of it's points is just even further illuminating of it's failures.

In short, he sucks, the book sucks and his fandom sucks for encouraging him.

Good picture though.
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why hate,mastrubate.
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because he's a jackass
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Yesterday I started to read this ff and this awesome!!! I love your fanart :)
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Amazing detail, esp. on spacedude in the book, esp. considering you used watercolours. Great work!
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thanks seeun0709. I'm flattered :D
I never realized how bad I was at imagining what is going on in books visually until I saw your illustrations and it all hit me. So good!
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thank you exploding-lighbulb, glad the illustrations help you :D
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Draco looks so pretty... A little bit anime-like, but thoroughly wonderful. And since you say "Traditional" as one of the categories, I'm assuming this is watercolor? For that, you get a fav. ;)
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thanks, ^^
yeah my drawing is very anime-influenced since it's more popular in where I live (Asia)
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I really like the the expression you drew for harry here and the background is really neat looking plus the coloring looks really nice too, is that a mix between water colors and normal coloring pencils?
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Thanks Worgak ^^
yup! It's a mix between water colors & ordinary pencils.
Good attention to detail.
Nice base artwork skill, now is the time to IMPROVE via practice.
Preferably practice of more HP:TMOR fanart!
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yup,i'll do more MoR fanart! Agreed! Thank you MasterMenthe ^^
Totally awesome fanart for a totally awesome fanfic.

Draco should look a bit more astonished, though.
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haha sorry, but thanks PhlegmMaster ^^
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this is great wonderful job
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