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Malfoy's Dragon Army

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Battle Magic's Dragon Army

From left to right : Vincent Crabe, Justin Finch Fletchley, Hannah Abbott, Draco Malfoy, Terry Boot, Padma Patil & Gregory Goyle.

Behind them, their insignia : fire.
''Elegant, understated, deadly: This is what's left after we've passed. Very Malfoy.''

Dedicated to a wonderful Harry Potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]
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The classy ones. That insignia does remind me of Firenation from ATLA.
Rhaidot's avatar
Love it! Especially as the characters were carve up by houses.
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I think this came out the best of all the three armies you did. Very stylish composition! The insignia looks great as well.
shewolfzoroark's avatar
Where's Pansy Parkinson?
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Member of SPHEW, second in command to the next Lord Malfoy...

Padma is awesome.
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Great picture :D Though... I'm pretty sure Hannah is in Sunshine. Daphne and Hannah attacked Neville together in the Taboo Tradeoffs battle and it's been stated that Crabbe, Goyle and Draco are the only Slytherins in Dragon Army...
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These are just amazing. I think I love you.
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"But everything changed when the fire nation attacked." :XD: Love it!
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My only criticism is that they do not look like 11-year-olds! Especially Draco, he looks way too fine! lol
Harglewarble's avatar
You know, Draco and the Dragon Army insignia behind him remind me of a certain something... was it intentional, given the "breaker drill" appearing in this chapter? Or has some kind of Kamina-gnome snuck into your house and hidden in a reference without your knowledge?

In any case, excellent as usual.
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no gryfs in the dragon army? Ender must be pissed.
seeun0709's avatar
Yep. You really captured the 'discipline' of the Dragons. I looked at this right after the Chaos Legion, and the difference made me LOL.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
HOHO, thanks :D Glad it can be represented in this fanarts ^^
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Awesome as usual. (I feel like my praise is getting repetitive.)
dinosaurusgede's avatar
thanks V2Blast ^^ I don't mind, like your praise,
V2Blast's avatar
It's especially odd when I forget I've already commented on a post :P
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We must crush Potter and Granger in the name of Fire Lord Ozai!, I mean Draco Malfoy.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Hahaha, that's a good one! :D
AyriannahOllivandra's avatar
...draco's head is on fire...

nice piece, but the first thing i saw when i looked at it was draco's head on fire....
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Pffft, bwahaha! you're the first one to point that out.
thanks AyriannahOllivandra ^^
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