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It's Great Honor To Meet You Sir Draco Malfoy 1

Next page :[link]

Less Wrong's Harry Potter fanfiction, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. [link]
Fanart for Chapter 5
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Feb 3, 2013, 3:53:21 PM
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So THIS fanfic is what started the Draco/ Harry ship!?
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I'm fairly certain I've never actually commented on one of these but I found this and the second part a long time ago. I would just like to say that they're still hilarious. (As is the part of the actual story when I'm reading it - but this fanart makes it even more so)
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That is PERFECT! XD ha ha ha!
GoWeegie's avatar
the look on harry's face in the last panel...along with the assistant barely holding it together.
CatSummoner's avatar
burrrph.. wahahahahahahaha ga nyangka bisa kaya gini! XD
Kaiko-Tsuzame's avatar
Are you going to make one for the next part where they traumatize Lucius? Cause that would be funny!
KSilvershade's avatar
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, you did one of my favorite parts!

"Harry Potter?"

"THE Harry Potter?"

"I'm so inexpressibly delighted to meet you!"
Qiaros's avatar
What the...!
MizukiYumeko's avatar
XD I love this part!! Thank you for drawing it!!
Rjalker's avatar
:D It's even funnier in comic form! :D
NikoGurl's avatar
You're making HPMOR art again, I'm so happy!
sampaguitaxmaganda's avatar

(I'm so loving that icon XD)
AkariKyoku's avatar
It's from this-->[link]
:iconenglandwatplz: :XD:
sampaguitaxmaganda's avatar
I love that comic'da~! XD
AkariKyoku's avatar
Me too :iconimhappyplz:
the one who made it is awesoooome~! :la:
UnstableFable's avatar
Ahaha, I remember this fanfic! It's been a while since I read it, but it was/is so priceless!
punpatrol's avatar
Oh, dear god, this part, THIS PART...
My sides were hurting from all the laughter when I read this part!
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