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House point loss cake

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Chapter 18 of fanfic Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong. [link]

Weasley twins consolation for Harry for losing 51 House points in his first potion class. Turns out, Harry outwit the twins by making Snape apologise in the great hall for 'terrorizing' students in his potion class.
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I just started reading this up to chapter 20 now and your fanart is ON POINT!!
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Wasn't that the moment he famously snapped his fingers and made everyone believe he could do anything? :D
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Percy's WTF Face out there XDD

Gotta LOVE him XD
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Snape's evil looks epic. The shocked expressions arehilarious. Lee Jordan's FACE in the first panel...
The sobbing of the Puffs...
"I think we may be out of our league here, George"
I love this. Especially the expressions, you get them perfect every time :iconilavplz:
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god! that must've hurt more then Crucio! *some one screams in back ground* Sorry!
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i pitied snape in this scene. that kind of apology must hurt to the bone.
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Only one possible response to a comic of this scope and range of expression/character/awesome: applause.

I wanna be a StarKid Actress!
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Omg I love everyone's reaction you've drawn...I lol'ed so hard in that scene. XDDDD Great work. Gosh, your writing is so neat!
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I just want to say that I like your drawings, dinosaurusgede.

Other than that, I think that in-story, Harry's declaration that "he'll try not to draw Snape's attention" is very amusing, seeing how violent a tantrum he threw in the classroom. But that's another thing entirely.
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Very well done, captures the moment perfectly
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One of my favorite scenes. Very well done!
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lol the end "i think we are out of our league here George" XDDDd
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I'm sorry but I have developed an unabashed love for your work. The characters are so perfectly depicted and the Weasely twins in the last panel oh wow I want to hug them so badly. Your work is AMAZING. I've only seen the HPMOR fanart so far but I'm off to go look at the rest. Again, amazing!
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the way you draw the twins reminds me so intensely of hitaachin hikaru and kaoru.
even their feline movements and the cheshire grins.

FREEKEH. i love sprout in the second-last frame.
"i feel happy for you, my hufflepuffs" ; u ;
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You draw a very nice Snape, ser. And by nice, I mean :iconeeevilplz:
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Yay! Go Smart!Harry!!

Awesome pic, by the way.
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Snape's look is perfect. It really looks more like he's making some kinda' Proclamation From On High than an apology, which totally suits him. Well done!
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thanks! XD Snape shall NEVER apologize to mere students
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...This is beautiful. Completely and utterly beautiful.
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