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Hiding Bellatrix

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Chapter 56 of fanfiction Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong.[link]

Harry try to avoid the aurors & Dumbledore tracking Bellatrix location by hiding her underneath the Invisibility cloak.
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I'd sacrifice myself for you, Bellatrix.
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AAAAHHH! Why does all of your artwork have to be so amazing?!
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It looks so fitting.
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Harry's expression in the last panel is awesome. He looks a fair bit like Quirell usually does. In retrospect - when Harry is impersonating Voldemort, that's what he should look like.
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The sad part is that Bella is still beautiful here, in a tragic way. She feared being useless to her "lord", both in magic and in looks, but her suffering gives her a dark, wraith-like quality that is lovely in its own way.
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The Cloak of Invisibility is pure win. Also, great representation of Patronus phoenix.
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Thank you seeun0709. I'm flattered :D
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I love how you did Bella in this- the cloak looks real, like she is invisible, but you can still tell it's there- very nice.
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thanks AyriannahOllivandra ^^
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How are you such an amazing artist? I think you should be appointed official illustrator for MoR. =D
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Thanks for the thought V2Blast. That'll be so cool XD
But no thanks, I really enjoy seeing fanarts contribution on MoR by other artists. It'll be no fun if I'm the only one contributing.
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As Eleizer said, your Harry is just phenomenal. He looks quintessential Ravenclaw in most scenes, but can instantly go Slytherin with just a slight 'you begin to bore me' glare. Ive already read through what's been uploaded for MoR twice, and I would read it a third time to do so with your visuals.
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Wow, thank you Lokyar. I'm so happy it fits Harry's image.
Double the happiness for the compliment. #^-^#
Shodai24's avatar feels very....Azkaban. Really captures what Harry was feeling.
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thanks Shodai24 ^^
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You do cold Harry really really well.
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thank you Mr.Yudkowsky, :D
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This one's really good, and the cloak-effect came out very nicely. Also, I like your version of Bellatrix.
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thanks a lot Unknowncartoonslover. Glad you like it :D
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Yeah, I like is a lot. I'm always waiting for your drawings maybe not quite as impatiently as I am waiting for new MoR chapters, but *almost* as impatiently. Good thing that LW is updating a lot, otherwise you'd run out of the interesting scenes to draw pretty soon, because you draw very fast too.
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WOW, I'm flattered, thanks UC :D
MoR is my drawing focus at the moment so I draw them often.
And yes, thank God that Mr.Less Wrong update often, ^^
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Bellatrix looks annoyed and bored in the last picture. bring up her eyebrows in the middle to make her look more scared... imo
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