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Hermione Sunshine Regiment

Hermione Granger's Sunshine Regiment's inner circle members (from left to right): Erinie Macmillan, Daphne Greengrass, Blaise Zabini, Hermione Granger, Parvati Patil, Ronald Weasley & Susan Bones.

They are my most favorite Battle Magic team because they have more girls(Girl Rules!), more diverse(good balance in huffle,gryff,raven&slyth), and they have one of Patil twins AND Blaise Zabini (they're my favorite character).

another fanart dedicated to a wonderful Harry Potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality[link]
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Hi, I'm translating hpmor to Hebrew, may I use your pictures for our facebook and site? I'll always add links to the original. Currently I put this picture as our cover photo at facebook dot com slash Harry.Potter.and.the.Methods.Of.Rationality.Hebrew
Please feel free to contact me. I really like your work and I'd be happy to put a lot of it on the appropriate chapters when they're translated
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Sure you can. Much appreciated if you share the link of the facebook and site to me as well ^^
Very nice! I wish I had seen this when I was reading those chapters.
Dat Greengrass O_O
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I love these guys, because they do the least scheming on average of the three, but still often come out ahead by sheer tenacity. :D Beautiful depiction! Susan Bones came out especially adorable.
I really, really, love Zabini in this part.

"In fact, I suspect that one of your agents may be a quadruple traitor."

"B-b-but we only have three armies!"


Like how you portrayed Granger.
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I'll have to read that, because this is a great groupshot.
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Quirrel is a GENIUS for inventing the war games.
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i dont really know what this sunshine thing is but where is harry?
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Read the fanfic.
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Isn't Daphne Slytherin?
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yay sunshine regiment FTW!
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This is my favourite team too. I wish I could have a good reason like you do, but mostly it's because i like Ernie.
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uumm Hermione in Ravenclaw??
This is from Methods of Rationality. Hermione and Harry are both in Ravenclaw in it. Clearly not canon (after all, this picture makes even less sense if you try to fit it into canon. I doubt that Blaise Zabini would want to be associated with Hermione at all in the original books).
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And they're called the sunshine regiment and they kicked the other two's asses at the first battle.

and they got creepy poetry. That alone is win.
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Creepy poetry....okay, that one was supposed to boost morale XDDD
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Though Chaos legion is much cooler in my opinion. Especially Harry's opening speech.
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Ah, true true /nods
you can never take Harry seriously.
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Not like that, anyway.
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they're all so serious looking and then you see the smily face
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