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Grey Knights of Chaos 6



Chapter 67 of fanfiction Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong.[link]

Previous :[link]

They're wearing Jedi robes.

A much cleaner & nicer version made by unkowncartoonslover: [link]
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I remember that I came just right at the perfect point to discover this ff. It was eight, six chapters before the end?
Not that I knew at that point, it was just a nearly triple-digits fanfiction about an interesting fandom and science and rationality (something that the wizarding world sacrificed to gain magic). And lo and behold sleepless nights away a week later I had to wait like everyone else for the final crescendo.
Even if I did not really get some of the later decisions of the author storywise, but if I could write better (and Harry Potter) I wouldn't have so many unfinished ideas...