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Grey Knights of Chaos 5

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Chapter 67 of fanfiction Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong.[link]

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Neville takes A level in badass.
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"Hello there, Sunshine." xD
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I really hope you cover either Harry and Hermione's 'Doing Science' discussion or Neville's 'CHAOTIC FALL' from the forest fight.

that doom ....intoxicating
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The salutation "Hello there, Sunshine" reminds me of another well known introduction...
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Neville just got promoted in my mind just for hitting Ron.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Agreed. Dunno why but it feels satisfying seeing Ron being hit *evil smirk
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This series was fantastic! I hope you continue drawing Methods of Rationality art, because your pictures are the only reason I check the fan art links at all. You are probably the most talented and definitely the most prolific of those drawing fan art for the series and I hope you are getting a correspondingly high amount of exposure because of that.
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Wow, thank you AwsmAdm, I'm all speechless. ^^
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Congragulations! Your 'NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM' Has gained a level!
Current rank: Badass of Badasses.

far cry from the first six books, neh?
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Yeah, too bad NevilleCanon became badass in the last book...
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Well, he was always bound to end up being badass, he just got there far sooner in MoR.
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A level in badass indeed.

I don't think it's clear in the actual story, but I imagine/hope that after Daphne fell, Neville went psycho on the rest of Sunshine with his lightsaber, like Anakin in Episode III ;)
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Hahaha, imagine that ^^
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Something in me smiles as Ron gets hit. Thank you so much!
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Yep, it's very satisfying for me drawing that part(>v<)
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Neville is really bad ass here! Go neville~~!
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And then the look in Hermione's eyes. Reading this makes me feel like other people must feel when they read _Methods of Rationality_.
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Yes, this picture is how I feel/my perspective every time I read you HP MoR. It's very exciting, for you don't know what'll come out in the next paragraph.
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