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Grey Knights of Chaos 1

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Chapter 67 of fanfiction Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong.[link]

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Ah, Zabini, it's because you betrayed them in the last battle.
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Zabini, come to the Chaotic Side, you won't be ignored there... xD
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Zabini was from that side. It's just that he was forced to be transferred by Professor Quirrell.
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nope, the other way around.
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Darn, I'm so confused. It's been long since I read that part.
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Harry had to include one lieutenant in his cast offs. He included two in order to get Zabini, whose demotion he considered a waste.
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Oh Zabini. It's only because you completely deserve it, you wonderfully backstabbing bastard.
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IGNORE = Awesome.

You really got Daphne almost exactly as I pictured her. Well done!
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Great picture. This basically spells out what happened.
I still feel sorry for Zabini though.
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thank you :D Poor Zabini..
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The huge IGNORE was great. Loving this!
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You're awesome dude! But just one little thing is bothering me... now don't think I'm just complaining to complain ok... but the reflection of the light on the characters makes them look... plastic... or rubber... Hermiones hair looks fake. And all their cloaks look like they're made of rubber. And the Glare off of Zabini's face looks wierd... unless he's a naturally shiney person... Other than that It looks great! I love your work, and I'm just trying to let you know what I think about it. So yeah... ^^;
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No, it's okay. Thanks for the tip, Mike :D
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I saw this show up on Google and I didn't squeal out loud, per se, but I *thought* to myself in a high-pitched squeal, "Dinosaurusgede is baaack!"
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Yes I'm back! Sorry for the long wait, Mr.Yudkowsky. I was moving away to some town for weeks where they don't have internet there, and I finally have the time to upload the pictures now that I have returned home.
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They ignored the talking noises that came out of Zabinis mouth.
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ah, poor Zabini. but he's turn out right all along.
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Aww you drew Zabini so well! And I like the Slytherin girl next to him. Hot stuff! ;)
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thanks Maseiya, oh, and the slytherin girl is Daphne Greengrass :D
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