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Encounter Lucius

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Chapter 38 of Less Wrong's Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]

Harry encounter Lucius Malfoy, Senior Grabble & Senior Goyle in King Cross.
Lucius (& minions) ready to strike.
Harry sitting, holding The Quibbler.
Quibbler headline for today :

Below, cameo of Less Wrong & Mr. Durian (my cameo).
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I like the way Harry's just looking at them them in a perfect blend of suspicion, curiousity and whatever.
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I wanted to congratulate you on your incredibly avid depiction of Lucius and co. As I am not at all sure that you will read this, I settled on favouriting everything in your HPMOR gallery :-) But really, this is amazing. You should be drawing and selling your own comics.
TrystynFlowers's avatar
I was giggling at / wildly admiring this, and suddenly: "OMG, LessWrong! xD" This is brilliant!
Chinky123's avatar
I'm not sure if this is because your japanese or not, but the quibber is the wrong way round. but awsome anyway
nymphieluff's avatar
..For some reason, CrabbenGoyle remind me of golems.. ^^;
OrdonCrane's avatar
The Quibbler always has the best headlines.
V2Blast's avatar
I like the magazines/publications in the background :D
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Love how the three are LOOMING in the background and Harry looks like, "Hmm?"

Awesome fic. Funniest (and somehow very accurate) representation of Sen!Crabbe and Goyle ever.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
thanks seeun0709 XD Glad that came out well
allen-mikk's avatar
Now THAT is what I call a bodyguard.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Thanks Allen-mikk
Fireymoonlight's avatar
Really love the cameos at the back there XD
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Hahaha, that's Less Wrong & Dinosaurusgede being show off
DragonXBird's avatar
This is good. This is really good.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
thank you DragonXBird
blackbreeze13's avatar
WOW. You are fantastic!
dinosaurusgede's avatar
thx blackbreeze13 ^^
EliezerYudkowsky's avatar
There should be an "epic" smiley just for this photo. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the best Crabbe and Goyle senior that's ever been done. And for some reason I really like Mr. Durian in the background.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
thank you Mr.Yudkowsky ^^
I'm glad you like my cameo xD I got Less Wrong's cameo too, right beside Mr.Durian
genericwin's avatar
xD Hurr. Hurr. Hurr.
dinosaurusgede's avatar
Hurr? apa itu Hurr? ^^
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Lucius looks so pretty. I want to pet his hair.
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