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Dumbledore's crumpled scrap

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Chapter 60 of fanfiction Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong. [link]

Dumbledore found a note in a deserted side-road of Diagon Alley,
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wow amazing :wow:

great job..
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This moment depicted is EPIC WIN.
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This might seem almost funny if one didn't know what it was about. ("NO.")

Great pic, love Fawkes and Dumby's expression.
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It's funnier when you do know what it's about.
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Lol, true, true XDD
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LOL Just NO! LOL Oh man, if I didn't read what was happening, I would have just been all "TOTAL RANDOM NO!" LOL XD
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yeah, you definitely have to read the MoR fic first to understand this Dumbledore randomness ^^
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Bwahaha. Well done. Avoid a time paradox at all costs!
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Nice! I like that Fawkes seems interested in the note too :D
Also, Dumbledore has a great beard. It looks like a neat-triangle silky asian one as opposed to a wirey tangled european one! (I hate that in the movies)
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Thanks Paganimagus ^^
Yep, I prefer the silky asian beard too.
The wirey tangled one is just unbearable +_+
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Brilliant. Love Fawkes. Very awesome!
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you're welcome Blackbreeze13 ^^
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I don't quite understand why THIS moment deserves fanart after all that awesome of the latest chapters...
But I think you didn't trust yourself to do the B(R)OOMSTICK justice...
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I'm sorry TheOneButcher, BROOMSTICK is too hard, I'm still working on it though. The only problem is that was Bella sit on the same broomstick as Harry or in a separated broomstick linked to a chain or something. I don't quite understand.
I made this moment as fanart because it's the easiest to draw.
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It is one two person broomstick. If they were linked with a chain... well that would end with roast-Bella(best case scenario).
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Haha, poor Bella ^^
But Bella fell asleep when they reached the clouds above Azkaban. Then, would that be she collapsed on Harry while they were in the same broomstick?
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