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Dumbledore Madness

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Less Wrong's Harry Potter fanfiction, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. [link]
Unfortunately I forgot which chapter this scenes take place ^^; Woops,

This fanart is inspired from :iconelanor-pam: art : Nobody's Sidekick [link]§ion=&global=1&q=harry+potter+and+the+methods+of+rationality&offset=48#/d3a7nnq

It's been a long time since I draw fanarts for Harry Potter MoR :D
Aaaah I miss this so much.

Thank you for the author Less Wrong :iconeliezeryudkowsky: for continuing writting this amazing fanfic and featuring my avatar Auror Komodo and Auror Durian ^^
Please keep on writting, I will be rooting for you and drawing fanarts :iconhappynesiaplz:
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This is now my absolute favorite piece of harry potter fan art in existence.

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Good times, good times.
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You have all of my internets.  A winner is you.  (I can barely restrain my laughter reading this scene in the text, and actually /seeing/ it done so well removes that restraint)
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harry's face is great!
It says: look at what i have to deal with.
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Oh man! I never twigged that people were doing fanart for HPMoR. This captures the mood perfectly. :D

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I'm truly terrified of what Harry would be like in 100 and some odd years, if he lost his mind between now and then
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I like how he switched hands before and after he started going "Bweeble bweeble bweeble."
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One of the funniest moments in the story.
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...I cried while reading this, I was laughing so hard...
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Amazing! Love your work, the faces, characters, expressions and scenes!
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it's all your fault. I never heard of Less Wrong or Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality until i stumbled on this strip. I spent last month laughing from chapter 1 and finally came to the chapter that this comic takes place in. This comic is in Chapter 70

Oh, and thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful story. your comics rock
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Actually Dumbledore suppose to be or is gay as JK rowling said....
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Is it just me or is anyone else noticing that 9 time out of 10 Harry has a "WTF?" at the end of these comics?
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That is because that is his reaction for a fair amount of the more memorable scenes.
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Nicely done! Could I suggest for your next illustration the Harry vs Madeye Moody fight? I think you'd do good with it considering what you did with grey knights of chaos.
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The Bweeble panel is just perfection xD
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You're back!! And with such a hilarious scene! Love how you drew Harry, and Percy, and the little labels that clarify who is who, and everyone's expressions, so happy to see you drawing for MOR again!
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What the flip just happened? :O

Auror Komodo? Auror Durian? Wakakakakakakakakak.... Indah, indah nian.... :iconimhappylaplz:
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Dumbledore, the master of the "Bweeble-bweeble-bweeble". He's even able to switch which arm right as he does it!
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That was one funny scene.
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