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Draco, The Drop Lord 1

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Chp 41 of Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong.[link]

Draco caught Hermione when she fall off the Hogwarts roof during Battle Magic. Hermione urged Draco to let her go so Draco can resume his battle with General Potter. Draco was torn between letting her go or not. And the result... well you have to read the fanfic!^^

From this chapter Draco got the nickname 'Draco, The Drop Lord'.
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But she can plop the wall with that gloves!..
Hm, she can drop herself in that moment...
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Let it go~
Let it go~
Can't hold it back any mooore~
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Ya know, I saw this forever ago, before I started reading HPMOR. I was so confused. Now I'm not.

That was such and awesome scene :)
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I remember that one! The Heir of Slipperin!!
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This piece has been featured here!
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i was all AAAAAH ROMANCE and then i was all AAAAH NO ROMANCE because...well Draco doesn't love Hermione of course :D
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I don't think he would drop her so easily
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Featherfall potion. She's not in real danger.
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i thought hermoine is a gryffindor?
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But not in "Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality", and I'm going to give you a quote from that book:

"In WHAT WEIRD alternative universe would that girl NOT be Sorted into Ravenclaw?" ;)
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Great perspective!
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The Lord of Slipperin', Draco the Drop Lord.

I love his title.
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shouldn't hemione have died from a fall like that?
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She and Draco had both taken Featherfall potions. Assuming it worked properly, she was in no real danger. However, the human brain still reacts to a six-story drop as though it's a six-story drop, so it's still a kind of "holy crap" moment for everyone involved.
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Drop her, Draco! Drop her!

Oh, wait. He did.

Awesome pic.
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thanks ^^
Draco, that's not very gentlemanly XD
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Hilarious and awesome at the same time. :)
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thank you loveoflee ^^
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Ahaha~ I believe it was the aftermath of this chapter where all the girls were talking about Draco and how he'd drop people? It was so funny! Magnificent work, instant fave!
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Yaay! Thanks Thisdoesntrhyme ^^
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Draco looks so cool. :o
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Thank you Shodai24! ^^
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Awesomesauce. :D
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thank you V2Blast ^^
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