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Destroying Evidence

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Chapter 55 of fanfic Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong. [link]

Harry, in his despair, almost went dark.

Bahry the auror is a cameo of Bojanglesthe3rd,designed by Tom Reagan.
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Harry Don't If you do put him down, You'll go down a path that you may never turn back from.
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This is a beautiful moment.
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Well done as always.

What's with Harry's left eye in the last panel, though?
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Have you never seen Gendo Ikari?
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From what I've seen, the artist draws it like that when Harry's being especially "Dark." Hope that clears itup. (:
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any idea when a new chapter is coming out?
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"This is because, as is now painfully obvious to anyone with a brain, you have basically gone completely off the deep end in every way.

You have officially gone grimdark."
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Ah, the world is so much nicer with memory charms.
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Do it, Harry! Kill him!

Or not.

Awesome pic, and cool Cloak effects.
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thanks seeun0709 XD
Naaah, Harry's too good to succumb to darkness
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Aww shit. Good thing he doesn't go evil ^^
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Yes, that was so close.
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... harries wand is so... red. I like how you did the invisibility cloak illusion thing! it looks pretty rad! :dummy:
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Hmm, Harry's wand is red maybe because of the scanner, in the original work it's brown. Oh well, I'm too lazy to fix it. Glad you like the invisibility cloak. Thanks for the comment Mike ^^
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-that makes sense. :nod: dang scanners! :doh:
-No problem! I'm glad to view your work:dummy:
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the one arm...?
isn't there something wrong here?

also, whats with harrys left eye in the last scene?
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One-hand, not one-arm.
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bah!" thats just playing with words. its all the same.
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I'm not really sure either, I just follow the design of the auror made by Tom Reagan [link]

Maybe he replace his arm with a robot arm or something.
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I noticed he was wrong too, but I only considered it worth mentioning when you copied the mistake. Robot arms are not unheard of (-->wormtail aka. peter petigrew) but I doubt it. otherwise he wouldn't be called one arm.

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Thanks for the input, Casey, I really appreciate it ^^
Oh well, I'm too lazy to fix the picture so let's just ignore the mistake and hope nobody will notice now that I've change the description from 'Bahry the one-arm auror' to 'Bahry the auror'
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xD thats cheating! :P

:hug: call me Casey again please :)
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