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Dementor Exposure Cure

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Chp 44 of Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong[link]

Hermione kiss Harry in order to cure his surfacing evilness due to long dementor exposure ...and 'Everyone with the tiniest smidgin of romance in their hearts held their breath' as quoted from the fic.
Read this wonderful fic to know more, especially you, HG X HP shippers! Yes, you! ;D

From left to right (down):
Lavender Brown, Ernie Macmillan, Terry Boot, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan.

From left to right (up):
Albus Dumbledore, Fawkes, Quirinus Quirell(mort), Dementor in a cage, Auror Butnaru, Auror Komodo & Auror Goryanof.

Auror Komodo is Dinosaurusgede's cameo,
Auror Goryanof is UnknownCartoonsLover's cameo,
Auror Butnaru is Bogdan Butnaru's cameo.
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ОТличная работа!
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I like it, but harry's legs are a bit...wonky in this one
still a great picture though
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Are Harry and Hermione Ravenclaws? Cause their robes are blue...
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In this fanfiction, Yes.

i highly reccomend it, i could NOT stop laughing, and its serious moments have you on the edge of your seat.
you'll find it here:
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Isn't the methods of rationality on ? I want to read it but never get the time
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It is, but you can also listen to the audio if you have a lot to do on the side.
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"And I suspect, Mr. Potter, that if I leave you alone for two months with your schoolbooks, even without a wand, I will return to this house only to find a crater billowing purple smoke, a depopulated city surrounding it and a plague of flaming zebras terrorising what remains of England."

OMG dood I totally forgot I had read this! I'm cackling now already!:excited: Def gonna to a reread!
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dig it..Imo read it now thanks for letting me know about this!:w00t:
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i've always been more of a HPxHG fan than RWxHG(no offense they're still a romantic canon couple)
love HPMOR for HPxHG, friendship with Draco and story ^u^
thx to you! never would've come across HPMOR if not for Maaf :)
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this is made of awesome, Lavender is pretty much me when I see this picture, you are fantastic, great job of illustrating the scene from a great story
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Spock Harry is confused
CyanideEcstasy's avatar
Why do you have Harry and Hermione as Ravenclaw students?
lupus-stellam's avatar
It's based on a fanfic where Harry n Hermione are in Ravenflaw, oops I mean Ravenclaw.
CyanideEcstasy's avatar
Lollll nice. xD What was Ron's House then?
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I think Ron is still in Gryffindor. Wierdly enough he is hardly in this story while Draco plays a major role. ;) Definately worth reading, just in case all of this awesome fanart hasn't already convinced you.
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Every time I look at Neville I feel like he's shouting: "Oh snap!"
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why are Harry and Hermione in ravenclaw? ha, I love lavander's expression
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It's because it's based off Less Wrong's fanfiction, 'Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality'. There's a link in the description, you should read it! It's pretty good.
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wasn't he laying down during this?
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LOL typical Lavender. And flying chocolate! And Fawkes! I would love to see an illustration of the bit where Harry sleeps with Fawkes sheltering him with its wings.
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Is it just me, or does Dumbledore's hat look like one of those sleeping caps? XD And lol at all the guys, esp Neville.
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lavender is such a hopeless romantic...
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