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Bayesian Conspiracy

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Draco Malfoy & Harry Potter held their first secret meeting in an unused classroom in the dungeon of Hogwarts. This meeting eventually mark the birth of a new secret organization named 'Bayesian Conspiration'. And, no, Draco is not hitting Harry. This is serious business.

Dedicated to a wonderful Harry Potter fanfiction by Less Wrong : Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality.[link]
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Слишком зелёное освещение)
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That moment you run out of fan fictions to read and you stumble about a gold pot that isn't even your fandom
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Conspirations are fun.
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Beautiful colors!
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Dun-dun-dun! Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the formation of a secret organisation -

Secret... well.

Awesome pic. Love the detail on the reflection on the floor.
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this is the only fanfic my mom thinks may be worth the time spent to read it. not write it. nobody should not-have that much of a life. but read it. thats what my mom says.

me? Harry takes over the school, getting Malfoy to admit muggles are not just 'people' but 'a powerful source of allies...and enemies' (not quote, but the attitude is there) And Defense Against the Dark Arts is apparently How To Take Over the World Class if you let Voldemort teach it. making this the most epic tragedy/humor/drama/science/philosophy/romance/horror/conspiracy/psychology/ story ever. did I miss a genre? oh yeah. CHAOS.
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Yes, in other words HP Mor is AWESOME. Wow, your mom is cool for allowing you reading this fanfic.
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well Im 22...its not like there's a permission issue there...its just parents usually dont 'get' fanfiction. in fact, most of their complaints...are completely valid. its not great art. except...Methods of Rationality actually might be. It was enough to interest a PhD in Lit and a PhD in Economics. my parents have rather high standards for what they read after Yale. I think it did them good to have to admit I knew what I was talking about when I recommended it to them. :)
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why is your mom commenting on what you read either way? your a grown dude....just curious.
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Thank you for drawing this. Of all the MoR scenes, this one has the most potential to be meaningful, at least for me personally.

It's well drawn as it is, but ideally it should be darker, in fact much darker.
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Yeah.. my bad.
I'll fix them.
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They look a bit more fifteen than eleven, but aside from that this is awesome.
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Woops sorry Lenga-chan,
I'm still working with drawing character anatomy especially kids anatomy.. so I guess I still have to practice more. Thanks for the comment! ^^
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They need hoods.
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you're right Nerdfish. hmm, next time I'll draw them with hoods
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"Bayesian Conspiracy", actually.
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oh right! sorry, i'll fix it.
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thank you, Trish-Rain ^^
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