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Austronesia Hetalia OCs : TATTOO by dinosaurusgede Austronesia Hetalia OCs : TATTOO by dinosaurusgede
From left to right : Asmat (Papua), Yolngu (Marege), Nagamiufa (PNG), Yap (Ulithi), Mugaba (Solomon Islands), Dayak (Kalimantan), Maori (Aotearoa), Pintados (Visayas), Iban (Brunei), Iban (Sarawak).

The picture above depicts Austronesia, a language and culture umbrella of Melanesian and Austronesian in Oceania and South East Asia.

Tatu means Tattoo. It's a word in Austronesia language origin before adapted into English as "Tattoo".
This is picture is more like a compilation of some of the tattoos found in the Austronesia region. There're a lot more including in Taiwan, Cambodia, Madagascar, Samoa, Nauru, etc. You can see many tattoo designs share similarities among Austronesia region. From ASEAN to OCEANIA. Well, we are Austronesia family after all :D

The exception for Asmat (Indonesia) and Yolngu (Australia). They are not wearing tattoos, but wearing body paint.

I put two Indonesia characters : Asmat and Dayak. Both are very famous for their religious tattoo designs.

=> Asmat (Indonesia)

Asmat body masks (1978.412.1282a) are full-length costumes made of plaited cordage composed of rattan, bark, and sago leaf fiber. The body masks are usually painted with red and white pigment, decorated with carved facial features, and given skirts made of sago leaves. The end result depicts an otherworldly being, which appears only for special funerary ceremonies, known as jipae. Source :[link]

=> Yolngu (Australia)

Body painting, decoration and personal adornment traditionally carry deep spiritual significance for Australian Aboriginal people. Body painting is carried out within strict conventions that are primarily related to spiritual matters, although the creative nature of these activities is also acknowledged.

Among the Yolngu of eastern Arnhem Land, adult men's bodies are still decorated in this way with moiety (dhuwa or yirritja) designs at large funeral ceremonies. The colours used originate from a range of earth-based pigments. These give the artists a full range of tones, from white through beige and brown to yellow, rust red and black. With the addition of feathers, leaves and plant substances and coloured arm and leg ornaments, the body could become highly decorated. Source :[link]

=> Nagamiufa (Papua New Guinea)

As far back as the old men and women can remember, tattooing has been a tribal custom of the coastal peoples of Papua New Guinea. Among the Motu, Waima, Aroma, Hula, Mekeo, Mailu and other related southwestern groups, women were heavily tattooed from head to toe, while men displayed chest markings related to their exploits in the headhunt.

Many of the tattoo motifs were passed down through the family - from mother to daughter, and sometimes from father to son. Unfortunately, ethnographic information on most tattoo motifs has been lost - modernity and missionization are largely to blame. For example, tattoos related to the headhunt have been largely forgotten, since killing was outlawed in 1888 when Great Britain annexed Papua. Tattoos associated with the Hula and Motu trading voyages (lakatois) are also no longer seen; motorboats have replaced the traditional sailing vessels and these once formidable expeditions are no longer dangerous. Moreover, missionaries began discouraging initiation ceremonies in the early 20th century, and today tattoos are no longer needed for marriage. Thus, the meaning of Papuan tattoos is fading and gradually being forgotten. Source :[link]

=> Yap (Micronesia)

Tattooing is found throughout Oceania, and the almost bewildering diversity of artistic styles, patterns, and motifs makes it difficult at first to recognize any forms as recurrent and as basic to the art of this vast area as a whole. But a closer examination of tattoo mythology reveals a recurring theme: that most of the designs are derived from nature and the art itself was a gift from the gods.

But tattoos also displayed the beauty of the islands’ inhabitants and animals for all to see. The fine blackwork matched the darkness of the sea and the feathers of seabirds like the black noddy and frigate. Intricate curving lines mimicked the striped patterns of the Regal Angelfish (pygoplites diacanthus) that was called eọ or “tattooed”. Hexagonal fields symbolized the turtle’s carapace, rows of triangles shark’s teeth, branching lines crab’s legs, rows of dots sea shells, curved motifs the Goose Barnacle (lepas anserifera), and many other motifs like “mast,” “canoe,” “clouds,” and “ocean swells” related to the seafaring nature of these Argonauts of the western Pacific. Source :[link] ; [link]

=> Mugava (Polynesia)

Polynesia is actually a group of approximately a thousand islands, situated in the Pacific Ocean. Body art is very common to all the islands of Polynesia. However, the style of tattoo designs and patterns are distinct to each of the island. We will be able to understand the Polynesia tattoo meanings better, if we understand the history associated with Polynesian tattoos.

A person was initiated to the tattoo art, after he turned twelve. It was considered to be the transition from boyhood to manhood. With each achievement, more tattoos were inked on the body. The more the number of tattoos on a person's body, more the respect and admiration for the person. Not only did men get tattoos made on themselves, but woman also had tattoos. However, the area of tattooing on a woman was limited to arms, lips, hands, chin and arms. The most important feature of the Polynesian tattoo is that they are very elaborate. Most of the Polynesian tattoos are usually abstract in nature, but they have a lot of cultural significance.
Read more at Buzzle: [link]

=> Dayak (Indonesia)

All aspects of Dayak tatttoing showed a great reverence for ancestors, the departed spirits who resided in the 'village of the dead', as well as nature - the Dayak believing that plants contained the same type of lifeforce as humans and animals. Performed by Shaman known as 'manang' to the Iban tribe of Borneo, tattoos were performed to show rites of passage such as a successful head-hunt, to cure illness which was sometimes believed to be due to evil spirits, or to mark women's abilties with textiles and their status in the tribe. In Iban mythology and religious belief, all humans were formed by Selempandai, the Iban blacksmith god who forges human beings, and if a person's illness was thought to be caused by evil spirits, a name changing ceremony was sometimes performed along with a new tattoo near the wrist, in order to conceal the person from the evil spirit by changing them spiritually in the same way as Selempandai forged humans. Source :[link] ; [link]

=> Maori (New Zealand)

Maori Tattoos and Meanings from the story of Nga Hau E Wha – Maori for “The Four Winds”

1 Tawhirimatea – Maori for “God of the winds”
2 Tangaroa– Maori for “God of the sea”
3 Tamanui Te Ra – Maori for “The sun”
4 Aotearoa– Maori for “New Zealand”
5 Koru Maori – Maori for “Continuation of all things”
6 Heimatau – Maori for “Fish hook – Strength – prosperity”

This tattoo design is a representation of the four corners of the Earth, Nga Hau E Wha – the four winds.

As you can see, there is a strong presence of Tawhirimatea and Tangaroa in this Maori tattoo design.

These two “Atua” (Maori for “Gods”) have the power to destroy anything in their path and have done so on numerous occasions. No matter what your beliefs in life may be, this still applies to all mankind. It’s all about respecting what God has given us, regardless of how big or small you are.

“Aotearoa” (Maori for “New Zealand”) is a place for all people of all races and creeds. Tamanuitera represents new growth/warmth, which is what Aotearoa is about. Hei Matua is strength and prosperity in whatever it is you desire to do and the Koru is a continuation of all of these things. Remember no matter how great or small you are treat all people and things as being equal, because if you don’t – NgaAtua – the Gods will be watching!
Source :[link]

=> Pintados (Philippines)

Filipino tattoos have a rich history, dating back to before the Philippine Islands were colonized by Spaniards. When Spanish ships first arrived there, they were greeted by the heavily tattooed Visayas tribe and they called the islands "La Isla De Los Pintados" which meant the "Islands of the Painted Ones."

In the Philippines, tattoos were seen as a source of accomplishment and rank. Men bore ink on their chests and heads as signs of their strength as warriors. Women wore detailed lines on their arms and wrists (Visays and Mindanao tribes) or full chest and arm tattoos (Luzon mountain tribes) and they were seen as marks of beauty. Most tattoos were earned through the passage of rites ceremonies, or for accomplishing tasks. The styles varied depending on the region and tribe that the people came from. Source :[link] ; [link]

=> Iban (Brunei and Malaysia)

Both men and women wore tattoos. For young men the first tattoo was usually the “bunga terung”. This was a depiction of the flower of a local aubergine species. It was tattooed underneath the outside edge of the collar bone. This location is chosen because this is where straps from back packs rest, and the design was intended to make the wearer strong for their bejalai journey. During this journey the young man was to gain his wealth and fame, it could last a few months or years. While on the journey he would visit other Iban communities where his help was rewarded with other tattoos. On his return his tattoos could be read as if they were a map of where he had been and what he accomplished. For the women too there were special designs, each was awarded to the woman upon attaining a particular skill (e.g. weaving). Source :[link]

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.
Papua New Guinea, Polynesia, Micronesia, Indonesia OCs designs © :icondinosaurusgede:
Malaysia OC design © :iconshikiren96: 's Sabah OC design.
Philippines OC design © :iconchoco-java: Luzon OC design.
Brunei Darussalam OC design © :iconanvilgurl:
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