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Published: October 28, 2010
Chapter 13 of fanfiction Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong.[link]

Harry help first-year hufflepuff students who were bullied by fifth-year slytherin students. Harry who was foreign to magical world shouted 'abracadabra' which was mistaken for 'avada kdavra' by everyone.

Hufflepuff students : susan bones, hannah abbott, neville longbottom, ernie macmillan, justin flinch fletchey, anonymus

Slytherin students : maito gai, orochimaru, gaara, tobi, naruto.
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... the only (male) blonde with short hair that comes to my mind would be Minato ^^
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Daphne-BrownHobbyist General Artist
Ha ha reminds me of the time this girl in the HP club I'm in did this. She hadn't reading COS at the time this happened. She was "dueling" Cole, and at one point she threw her entire bag of "spells" (color-coded ping-pong balls) at him and shouted "ABRACADABRA!"

He went, "I thought you were only on the second book!"

She later told him it was Abracadabra, not Avada Kedavra
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I love it!
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This is great. XD
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NARUTO?? man, I knew there was something tripsy bout that anime
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Firedancer1233Hobbyist Artist
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SevenScarHobbyist Photographer
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This is beautiful. So beautiful.
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kavtoMHobbyist Traditional Artist
Naruto gang! I LOVE this!
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ShadowHammer321Hobbyist General Artist
...well, here I am browsing deviantart yet again for harry potter fanart, and straight up on the second page I find a piece I recognise because I'm reading the same fanfic right now. how very odd.
Looks brilliant, that sort of lighting is bloody difficult to do in my experience.
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sweetfoxgirlStudent Artist
XD Gaara's face!
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sampaguitaxmagandaHobbyist General Artist

Naruto just invaded Harry Potter
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Evilkitten3Hobbyist General Artist
Funny, I don't remember the Naruto characters showing up in this scene. Perhaps I should reread it.
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Right in Naruto's kisser
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DarkestTruthHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha take that NEENJAS
He creamed you with PIE- I mean, the killing curse!
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HokovaProfessional General Artist
Best scene ever.XD
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The third time I went hunting for this to show it to someone (because it is fantastically hilarious and awesome), I finally noticed... and...

unprepared sibling: "Geez... I need these eardrums, okay?"
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I love Gaara, looking like Robin.
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Neville ish not Hufflepuff! Y u do dis?
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TifannillyHobbyist Digital Artist
read the comments.
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Naruto and Gai are slytherins?! IN WHAT UNIVERSE IS THIS

Also- *snap* boo-yah!
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Multi-Colored-DreamsHobbyist Digital Artist
The complete and utter randomness of adding Naruto characters amuses me greatly. They are indeed much better than random Slytherins. (Gaara's face is epic, but I think my favorite is Orochi, hes such a girly boy....)
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