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Published: January 19, 2018


This is a journal entry for my Follower Friday journal set.

Hey, everyone! This will be the first of my many feature journals-- they'll be posted every third Friday of the month. If you're interested in being featured or requesting that someone be featured, check out the last section below.

In this journal, I am featuring 3 of my favourite writers, and 3 of my favourite works from each of them. Please check them out and consider giving them a watch! They are all very talented at what they do, and really great friends of mine!

Note to Writers: Please message me if you would like anything removed or changed, as you have the right to make such a request!

Enjoy! ♥

Writer 1: ObscurePhoenix

THE person I go to for my rants, recommendations, and everything in between. An English major with an undying love for Chrollo and a very suspenseful, addicting writing style that pulls you in. A great friend of mine and a writer I really admire! ♥

The Natural Kind of High | Iwaizumi
If you know me, you also know I'm a huge sucker for Fantasy!AU. Though I love me some good angst as well, I feel like that's what the typical fantasy fic ends with (which I'm extremely guilty of, especially with forbidden love tropes). This fic is super heartwarming and perfect for Iwaizumi.

Liar, Liar, Keep Lying, Please | Chrollo
Probably the first fic that truly got me hooked and talking to this amazing writer-- haunting in the best way possible and keeps you on your toes. Captures Chrollo's twisted, manipulative personality so perfectly; I can't for the life of me see him in some kind of "normal" relationship... so this was a really satisfying read.

Living in Yesterday | Hisoka
A very recent fic and one for my most beloved Hunter x Hunter character. The one word that comes to mind when I think of this fic is, "anticipation". I had to remind myself to breathe at one point because I was just holding my breath waiting for something to happen. The fic's a bit of a tease like Hisoka is, which makes it just perfect for him.

Writer 2: itbeajen

One of the most sweet, thoughtful, and considerate people I've had the pleasure of encountering while on DA. Showed me that you CAN have online mom friends that always have your back and support you. A fantastic writer (whose specialty is fluff, hehe) who deserves all the love! ♥

Collection: 25 Days of Christmas (2017) | Various
I might be cheating by recommending this many fics in one LOL, but Jen's commitment to doing this for the past couple years is really admirable, and this collection has a ton of fantastic Christmas and winter-related fics for your reading pleasure. Best served with a warm blanket and hot cocoa.

Table #5 | Todoroki Shouto | Cafe!AU
Café AUs are my guilty pleasure, and I love them no matter how many times they've been done. And as much as I love the other character mentioned in here, Todoroki is one of my favourite characters and this story just made my heart melt.

Longing | Semi Eita
I think this was the first fic I read of hers, and probably the first fic that got us talking because it had to do with flower language, which I absolutely love! A bonus is it's for Semi, who deserves more love and is definitely a secret romantic, hehehe.

Writer 3: huevette 

Not only is she a magnificent writer, she's a really, really good artist! I've had the pleasure of getting to know her better recently. An essential watch if you're in any of the HQ / BnHA / AoT fandoms; she just keeps getting better and better! ♥

Komorebi | Oikawa Tooru
This was entered in a contest of mine and I was really impressed by it. I love fics that experiment with mixing elements and she does just that using some childhood imagination and hints of magic and surrealism.

Chillax | Tendou Satori
There's something about this fic that's just really comforting-- maybe because I read it during exams and Tendou just has that effect on people, but it was really relaxing (chillaxing?) to read. Short, sweet, and adorable; it's the perfect little thing to read when you're feeling stressed.

Whirlwind of Scents | Akaashi Keiji
A little exercise in beautiful descriptions. Y'all know by now that I love flowers and bittersweet-ness and Akaashi lmao so this was a really stunning piece. Very visual and interactive; though the main focus is on the scents of this fic, it really touches on all senses and leaves you longing for more.

Next Journal

The next journal will be a themed journal, meaning that at most, I will be featuring one fic per writer and not focus on the writers themselves. The theme will be warmth-- because it's such a cold time of the year (at least for us in North America!), I want you to send me a note with any fics you or others have written that capture the feeling behind this word. Please do this by Friday, February 9, or I cannot guarantee your fic will be read and/or featured.

Though I haven't decided exactly how next journal will be laid out, I will likely be picking some of my favourites from the submissions and writing a short description on them. I will also be picking some fics that I find by searching and are not submitted. As long as they fit the theme, any other submissions not chosen as a favourite will still likely be featured in a "check out these other works" section or something.

Can't wait to see what you all have in store!

Dino. ♥

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huevetteHobbyist General Artist
im literally screamin im so happy that you enjoyed my fics and actually wrote! me! nice! descriptions! thank you!!! asdfghjkl I want to legitimately hug you but if youre in canada then we're halfway across the earth and its torturing me not being able to crush u in a hug bby I love u so much
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Ahahaha you're too cute, it's no problem at all because you deserve it and all the love, ever!!! <3
Thank you for the hugs and I send them back from Canada which much love in the hopes that we will be united one day!!! Ahaha, love you!!! <3
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rialovesfanficHobbyist General Artist
Ah! Jackpot!!!! Yes! Thank you for sharing this with us, it's amazing. You're so sweet and supportive, it's why your one of my favorite people as well as writers on here. Onwards to more fanfiction. Yay!
dinosauruses's avatar
Aw oh my goodness, this comment made my day and means a ton to me! Thank you so so much for the kind words and for checking them out, I look forward to featuring your works in a future journal! <3 :D
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rialovesfanficHobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad!! Of course, and thank you~ <3
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ObscurePhoenixHobbyist Writer

Thank you so much for mentioning my work! I'm honored that you like it! You totally made my week with this and it helped me push away some stress I'm dealing with right now. I love you so much! ;-;
dinosauruses's avatar
Awww, it's no problem at all! I'm super glad it did and I hope you're doing well, you're amazing and I know you can keep on pushing through! Let me know if I can help in any other way, and love you lots! <3 <3 <3
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ObscurePhoenixHobbyist Writer
Thanks so much Dino! Same with you, don't be afraid to send me another message! Love you too!
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You're always the best, ahhhhh! <3
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The-Queen-Of-MokonasStudent Artist
Imma gonna check the rest of the peps out~! :D
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Yaaaay, I appreciate it! They're all super amazing! <3
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itbeajenHobbyist Writer
HI I'M DYING? ;___;

Oh Dino, you sweet, sweet, beautiful person, you!!! I have the biggest smile on my face right now, it's almost ridiculous. Ahahaha. I'm so glad that we met through flower language, one of the unwritten and unspoken languages of love. It's not often that people know of flower language, so seeing that others did and have written for them got me so extremely excited. I'm very glad you took the time out to talk to me about flower language, for this friendship would not have bloomed if it weren't for it.

And honestly, I'm so grateful that I've met you. You were my rock and one of the few people on dA that truly reached out to me and helped me stay sane during my chaotic summer. It was a rather frustrating and emotionally taxing experience, but I'm glad everything worked out well in the end. I'm so grateful that you were there for me. Hehe. <3

I love you lots my dear (: 
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BLOOMED hehehehe I love the pun! ;)
But I'm so glad as well; can't say I'm an expert past a few Google searches but I've been learning, I swear hehehe! It's a really fun thing to write for and it always makes me so happy that it's how we met as well! <3

Ahhh it's no problem whatsoever, I'm always here for you and I'm just super happy that things worked out for you and you only got stronger from it!

Love you so so much! <3
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itbeajenHobbyist Writer
Hehe. Glad you noticed that!

And honestly it's fine! Everyone starts somewhere! (: 

And ahhhhaskjdfaskdjf 

I love you so much ;u; <3
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Love it-- and exactly! Tumblr helps me a lot with it too, lmao.

Love, love, love you! <3
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