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Published: January 4, 2018
This is a journal entry for my Follower Friday journal set.

Hey all! This isn't exactly a tag meme or anything, but I had a few questions for my readers. So please feel free to answer in the comments, I encourage it-- it's your chance to tell me about yourself! But if I don't get answers, you know damn well I'll start tagging people. ;)

I was also thinking of maybe hosting a Q&A type thing so you can get to know more about me... maybe once I get more watchers and if it's something people are interested in! Let me know! <3

Answer as many (or as few!) of these as you'd like:
(Edit: Posting my answers in italics below bc the kind souls Greenwolves and x-XKariX-x asked! <3)

1) Are you a writer or an artist? Both? Neither?
Writer only, hehehe. Forever wishing I could art, but I can doodle!

2) What fictional characters do you feel you're most like in real life? (See if you can guess mine, or tell me who I remind you of!)
I would say Bokuto or Hinata from Haikyuu (hyperactivity, positivity, drive to improve in the things I want, and love of interacting with others), Mina Ashido from BnHA (similar reasons, I love standing out) and maybe Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled? I'm a dreamer who has a billion different hobbies!

3) How do you get your inspiration for creating art? Music? Your own experiences? Something else?
Music, music, music. Also, interactions with people, nature, and daydreaming. Honestly, I can also get my inspiration from the weirdest places.

4) When it comes to creating art, do you feel like you're more spontaneous or disciplined? As in, do you like to finish projects one at a time and by a certain deadline, or do you switch between ideas with no schedule? Do you ever wish you were more like the other type?
One hundred billion percent spontaneous. It's why I don't do commissions-- I want to write when I want, so even for prizes and requests, I usually finish them months from when I receive them. I switch between several fics I'm writing at a time, and occasionally, I can finish something in one sitting when I feel so strongly about it.

5) What do you want to improve on in the future when writing or creating art? Anything new you want to try?
I'd love to write more for gender neutral and male readers, maybe? I'd also like to explore with different plots and alternate universes-- specifically, mafia/spy, fantasy, and historical aus? I'd like to improve a lot, maybe making things a bit more subtle and not having to explain things, and also making some fics move forward more as I tend to use a lot of description!

If you guys like this type of thing, I have a TON more random questions I like asking people! So please feel free to answer and send any questions my way as well! I want to get to know you all! <3

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huevetteHobbyist General Artist
1) Are you a writer or an artist? Both? Neither?
if you know me personally or you've looked through my shameful gallery before reading this comment then you must know im a tad bit of both haha though I post more of my art on tumblr and most of my fics here.

2) What fictional characters do you feel you're most like in real life? (See if you can guess mine, or tell me who I remind you of!)
Im irritably quiet in public and can appear very uncomfortable when forced to be seated at a table full of people (family gatherings, yikes) but internally im a boisterous brat to the relatively few people I know. I can demonstrate the best resting b face and I also have the supernatural power to upgrade my verbal sarcasm level to 1000 if im feeling disturbed or disgusted. so im kinda like...tsukki, I guess? (in real life only, because on the internet im completely different person haha)

edit because the part in parentheses: you remind me of suga! you're really nice and helpful and cotton candy sweet and omg a million other things, and they're all things I love <3

3) How do you get your inspiration for creating art? Music? Your own experiences? Something else?
yea well I get my inspiration from listening to various types of music, recalling both tremendously positive/negative memories and imagining stuff (then get disappointed, but that's not the point). and that's only a small amount of what I do to get inspiration. inspiration comes from literally EVERYTHING. I read poetry from the Victorian era, I read about the Washington-Jefferson dispute subsequent to the American revolution when I got obsessed with Hamilton, I see awesome art demonstrating perfect anatomy on tumblr on a weekly basis...all of which have ignited a spark of inspiration inside me, and I just need to pick up my pen and write, or draw (but that's not how it is most of the times, only when I get super lucky and the flow of inspiration is constant)

4) When it comes to creating art, do you feel like you're more spontaneous or disciplined? As in, do you like to finish projects one at a time and by a certain deadline, or do you switch between ideas with no schedule? Do you ever wish you were more like the other type?
oh geez im spontaneous and a very disorganized person, though I still keep track of my wips. and I definitely wish I were more disciplined, cause 1) it sounds professional and 2) there's a reason it sounds professional, and it's that it really helps a lot if im in a business in a real world case scenario.

5) What do you want to improve on in the future when writing or creating art? Anything new you want to try?
I would love to try creating my very own art style if I have the time! ive been studying many mangakas and tumblr artists' art styles lately, and experiencing with a bunch of absolutely amazing and fantastic styles! it would be cool if I have one of my own too.
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Ooooh, that's why you're more active on Tumblr! Speaking of that site, I should start going back on more than once every like few days ahaha... that's definitely the one I'm least active on, unfortunately. D:
And that's too funny, I get that you might be different irl and online but for some reason I can never see you as Tsukki! Maybe that's because I always look at your Yachi icon, ahaha. And thanks for the Suga comment aha aww, it's so sweet! <3

Hmm, that's actually really interesting how you're able to get ideas from anywhere and work with them. Regarding more the last two questions, what do you see yourself doing in the future career-wise? Anything to do with art or writing or anything?
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huevetteHobbyist General Artist
you definitely should, haha! tumblr's an absolutely cool place once u get to know it ;)
yeahh well haha I might be exaggerating, im not like that 100% the time im awake, and to be precise, I have 3 types of moods depending on the situations and the people im interacting with:
- when im forced to socialize with fam friends/friends of friends/annoying classmates: the tsukki mood (as described previously)
- when im with my fam and close friends: the hinata mood lol
- when im online: a mixture of yachi and suga cause im internally shy but I want to be nice to people too
you're welcome haha, you're definitely a suga at heart <3

my future is still...undecided?????? um??? 
in my opinion, i envision a wonderland where people can have up to 20 jobs and still be able to run smoothly with life, cause that's the only i want to do when i grow up tbh. i don't want to just stick to one thing for the rest of my life. even more so, i don't want to end up with a job that basically revolves around obligations, like office work. or accounting. don't let my fairly acceptable math grades tell ya whatsoever, i   s  u  c  k   at math. i can probably work as an artist, but then i'd get bored. or as a writer, but the same thing would probably happen. so there are a lot of stuff going on on my bucket list of jobs i want to get collectively:
- artist (animation/storyboard artist in a group or just a lone wolf is fine)
- writer (inspired by LOTS of other writers and great pieces ranging from modern works to medieval literature)
- psychologist (probably with a college degree or sth, idk)
- historian (inspired by Hamilton and 1800s presidency)
- songwriter/singer (i believe i have a nice voice :))
- paleontologist/archaeologist (I've taken a weird liking in dinosaurs since i was barely 5, when i was 12 i made my first attempt to write an adventurous series on dinosaurs and did some research so my knowledge of dinosaurs is decent i guess)
gosh this is long, im so sorry, i got carried away 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。
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Oh 100%, it also doesn't help that I can't access Tumblr during work hours on these computers... but dA goes through?? Hahaha.
That's too funny, up until Suga I was going to say it's like you're a combination of all the Karasuno first years lmao! I would almost say Yachi and Suga combined can form a Yamaguchi-like personality too??
But agreed, I definitely have some differences online vs. IRL vs. IRL with close friends... it's interesting to explore all the different sides of you and that's cool how introspective you are in terms of that!

Though it may not be completely different jobs, there are definitely opportunities to take on like, consulting gigs where you're faced with new problems and situations that keep things fun. And everyone has their strengths, so it's okay not to be great at math aha. Personally, I'm in accounting LOL and I find it really fun because the profession is evolving and I'm able to do many different things and get challenged rather than when it used to be just bookkeeping.

And oh that's cool, it's awesome to be open to all the different possibilities and definitely try those out by just researching them or going to workshops or something. And then maybe if you become a paleontologist for example, you can still write, sing, and draw on the side!

Lmao don't worry, always fun to read!
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I'll check it out! You too! <3
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court-rhysStudent General Artist
1) Both; I do not post my artwork, anymore, but I've been offered many positions more so from my artwork than my writing.

2) Appearance wise; Kenma from Haikyuu!! 
Personality; (depends on who I am with) I'm like Kuroo Tetsurou
( I'm like Edward Elric in FMA because of my anger issues)

3) Anything; whether it be scenery/music/etc. yesterday I was inspired to make a portrait just by the weather...

4) Once again, it just depends. I just like to go with the flow, but I might finish things early...

5) Hmm; I'm sort of at a stand still... I'm trying to write a realistic horror short story, but adding a slight twist to it...
So maybe expand my horizons with the genres I write?? I guess??

(sorry; writing this on my phone in english while writing on paper in icelandic)
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Ooooh, you should definitely post once in a while! Even for a throwback, ehe.
Appearance-wise; I didn't even think of that! I'm not sure who I am, though... good thing to consider in the future lmao.
But all I'm imagining right now is a short, angry Kuroo bahaha. :')

Oh, how cool! What's the weather like for you right now? It's really snowy over in Canada lmao. And I'd love to see the horror story; realistic is such a change from the usual creepypasta and all bahaha.

LOL no worries at all, I really enjoyed reading your responses! <3
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court-rhysStudent General Artist
sorry for the late reply; hmm, i could do that... probably gonna have to check and see if my scanner even works!

that's exactly what i am.
a short man-child with blond bedhead.

it's been pretty cold up here and been raining quite a bit as well...
but, i love rain!

i am just attempting to stray away from the horror stories people create based off of mental disorders...
wish people could see that not all horror stories are based off of deranged killers and the like.

oh thank goodness!
my english was horrific, but it is great to see that it is doing much better!
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Omg don't even worry aha, work's been picking up for me and I may be slow in replies from time to time as well-- never a problem!

LOL omg like Kuroo if he dyed his hair to match Kenma?? ;)

Ahh, rain can be nice! I don't like it after it snows here because it makes things slushy then slippery and freezes things up... but minimal complaints from me in the spring/summer, haha.

Ohh, I like your take on that! Yeah, definitely romanticized in creepypasta and the like; I'm not a fan of like those "Jeff the Killer x Reader" stories or whatever, like to each their own but I could never get into horror like that haha.

And what?? I didn't even know you weren't a native English speaker?? You could've fooled me with the fics you wrote, honestly!
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NikaRyuStudent Writer
1) Are you a writer or an artist? Both? Neither?
Both. However, I write more than I draw nowadays because it's more satisfying for me to write than to draw but catch me sketching OCs and characters of my fave series on my pad when I'm in a lecture and bored (and I'm currently clueless about what I could write) lmao

2) What fictional characters do you feel you're most like in real life? (See if you can guess mine, or tell me who I remind you of!)
Oh boy, that's a wild mix I guess? People say I'm like All Might (Yagi Toshinori) from BNHA. Positive vibes, encouraging, always lightening the mood etc. I think that's a really high compliment. I'd have never said about myself I'm like All Might. I'd have said more like a mix of Aizawa and Bakugou? I'm serious but a daydreamer and even so I'm lazy, I'm quite ambitious? I'm full of paradoxes, so I really can't say lol

3) How do you get your inspiration for creating art? Music? Your own experiences? Something else?
Everything. And I mean it. I can get inspiration from everything. Music, pictures, books, landscapes, my own mind. My brain is quite good at coming up with stuff. It's a wild mix of everything and I'm always searching for more inspiration. 

4) When it comes to creating art, do you feel like you're more spontaneous or disciplined? As in, do you like to finish projects one at a time and by a certain deadline, or do you switch between ideas with no schedule? Do you ever wish you were more like the other type?
I'm...something in between? I have a lot of projects going on at once and I work the best with deadlines, that's for sure. I'm not quite good in keeping myself disciplined even so I want to and work on achieving this because I want to finish all my projects, original works and fanfiction. So, it's a wild mix. Basically, I just write whenever I can or just take the time to do so because I can't go without. If I can't write, I'll be in a bad mood. 

5) What do you want to improve on in the future when writing or creating art? Anything new you want to try?
Hmm, I guess, I want to be more disciplined and get a routine for writing. I also want to apply all the things I learned from writing fanfics to my original works. I haven't written (and finished) something original for a long time now and I get restless lol I also want to get better at writing fluff and actual romantic things to enlarge my repertoire of emotions I can actually write about. I always tend to write angst because it's so much more relatable for me and I also feel more when writing it but life is more than just angst so yeah. 

Oooh, more questions. This sounds like a fun game to start :D I'm down for it! Go ahead, Dino-chan!! <3  
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Nikaaaa, I'd love to see your art as well! And that's too funny omg; I've often been described as a walking contradiction myself, haha. I can't say for certain which character I see you as either honestly, but I will try my best to think of one lmao.

And oooh, interesting! I find that I'm disciplined in some things but not others, so maybe you're similar? Because it's definitely good to stay organized with things like schoolwork, but creative disciplines it's sometimes good to be spontaneous in! And again, I'd totally love to see some original works as well, ehe. Hmm, you can always try emotions that are in between? Like bittersweet or completely platonic or nostalgic. I feel like not completely separating the two eases the transition!

Ahhh, I love hearing peoples' responses and giving my own! Will do! <3
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NikaRyuStudent Writer
I have some uploaded here in my gallery. It's original art (and a tiny bit Pokémon and Naruto fanart) but it's old. I guess the most recent one is from two years ago or so? Idk anymore. My most recent art stuff is all the Toshi's I drew for Inktober last year and uploaded on my tumblr lmao. 
Surprisingly, people have never say to me that I'm a walking contradiction but that's probably just because I don't tell a lot about myself and the thoughts that go on in my head. So, people just don't know haha. 
I'm curious which character you think is most similar to me xDD

I'm....not disciplined at all. Nowhere. I'm super random. Or maybe I have some kind of discipline and I just don't notice. But basically, from how I feel, I'd say I don't have one. I'm all over the place, yet quite focused on some topics if I have to. 
Haha, you're so sweet :3  I've old lyrics/song texts I once wrote but nothing recent. But I'll send it your way if I've something finished! 
Yeah, tbh, that's what I'm already doing and I can also write that without problem. It's just that I somehow want to learn it? If that makes sense? I'm totally lacking on the positive emotions department and I kind of want to change that. It's super hard though. I already came far but it's still...lacking lol 
Yes, indeed! I guess I wouldn't be able to separate them completely anyways haha.

Ayy, nice! <3
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Oh gosh, I'll definitely have to stalk you then, hahaha!
Hmmmm, interesting! Maybe that's more of an ENFP thing. That's what I get a lot at least, and I've seen that description of my type floating around lmao. And I'll try my hardest to think, hehe!
And eh, if it works for you then I think that's good! I used to be a major procrastinator... ok, I still am, but I've really been improving my time management skills for school at least lol.

Hmmm, how interesting! Sometimes making lists help me, of things that make me feel good... and then how they make me feel good. Like, is it more of a warm, fuzzy feeling, or like bouncing around the room kind of excited, or makes me think of good nostalgia... because it comes off as more genuine and less cheesy/fake if that's what you're worried about! Emotions are rarely separate irl anyway. c:
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NikaRyuStudent Writer
Lololol, have fun XD 
Hmmm, idk? It says that the INTJ lives with paradoxes all the time as well. Like, it's not unusual for them to contradict themselves and I feel that so hard because that's me af. 
Same here. I guess. I still don't have a routine or the like but I got better at keeping up a structure and all as well. My time management still is off I guess. If I ever had one lmao 

Ooh, that sounds cool! The only catch is... I'm seriously bad at feeling lmao Positive feelings are incomprehensible for me. It's weird but most of the time I'm in a weird neutral state. I can generate feelings though - if that makes sense - by creating stories in my head and write. But even so I know how to do this, I never know what is fluff and the like and what not lol 
But yes, you're right. If you write out of experience, it comes off more natural and yeah, feelings are never ever separated in rl anyways lolol which makes them so complicated haha
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Ooooh, how interesting! Maybe because you think so much that you get so lost in your thoughts and everything contradicts and nothing makes sense anymore? Hahaha.
And yeah fair, it's a hard thing to perfect that requires a lot of discipline. I had to learn a lot in university, lmao.

Oh, how peculiar! Well, I do hope you have good feelings at least every once in a while. If not, you can always talk to me! But that definitely sounds like an INTJ thing, ahaha. Maybe your feelings are more subtle and rational as well. But it takes practice, and I find if I'm stuck at an impasse I'll go and read to get more inspiration and see what makes others happy as well! <3
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NikaRyuStudent Writer
Haha, no. That's not it. I'm just trying to be as objective as a human being can possibly be. So, when there's a discussion or conflict, I always look at the reasons of every party involved and the fun thing is (or not so fun thing), everyone quite often has a point somewhere and I can understand them. In the end I always stay grey trying to negotiate to lead towards a compromise without people disbanding in bad blood but err, yeah, doesn't work quite often. 
And even if I think for myself aka being philosophical, I just always end up with a contradiction in most cases but neither of them is wrong for me lol 
Bruh, I have the feeling I'll have to learn that as well. I'm only starting out at uni, so I can't tell yet but I have this creeping feeling that I have to perfect it.

I do. If they're really strong, I have them and also feel them and I really like them. It's just that feelings can cloud your ability to make decisions so I'm super skeptical towards them lolol 
Aww, thanks!! :3  Yeah, I guess that's an INTJ thing indeed haha. I'm sure, yes. This sums it up quite nicely.
Ah, yes! I do that as well! Reading always helps so much haha
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Oooooh, I see! You'd me a good mediator, then! And I think a lot of questions and problems don't have answers, and sometimes there is no right answer. So I agree with you on that. c:

Hahaha, yeah it catches up with you really fast. Writing things out helps me for time management personally!

Oh ok, I see where you're coming from there. I think there are a lot of decisions that should be made completely rationally and objectively, but there are others where both trains of thought are necessary. I usually go by my gut feeling and it seems to be right the majority of the time, so it's cool how we're pretty opposite there, hehehe.
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haikyuubbysHobbyist Writer
1) Are you a writer or an artist? Both? Neither?
Writer! I wish I could draw (I have a lot of talented friends who are artists) but I'm terrible at it hehe. 

2) What fictional characters do you feel you're most like in real life?
Ahh I always have trouble with these sort of questions but one that really stands out to me is Karma - not his sadistic or cheeky side, but I seriously relate to his desire for outstanding results in academics. When he got upset about his results (despite them still being quite good), that really stood out to me because it's a feeling I experience a lot due to external pressure and my own expectations, and it's something that not many of my friends understand or even try to understand. And Karma and I both love maths hehe. 

Hmm but other than him, I don't think there's been any other character I've related to so strongly (even if it's just in one aspect). 

3) How do you get your inspiration for creating art? Music? Your own experiences? Something else?
I sometimes get ideas that pop out of nowhere (or when I'm half-asleep), but usually I have to rely on something to prompt me otherwise I won't have the inspiration to write. I like reading through prompts since a single prompt can spark so many different ideas, but I also like searching up the meanings for gemstones, flowers etc. I also draw inspiration from reading others' pieces of writing! A friend wrote this really beautiful poem I've been meaning to transform into prose but oops that hasn't happened yet lolol. Strangely enough, I don't really write about anything based off my own life or music hmm.

4) When it comes to creating art, do you feel like you're more spontaneous or disciplined? As in, do you like to finish projects one at a time and by a certain deadline, or do you switch between ideas with no schedule? Do you ever wish you were more like the other type?
Definitely spontaneous oml. You already know about my serious procrastinating with contest deadlines, but I get irregular bursts of inspiration and if I don't feel like writing, I probably won't. Sometimes I open up a document with the intention of writing, but I only write a single sentence before closing it lolol. Despite all of that, I don't think I'd want to be a writer with fixed schedules or deadlines since I don't like feeling confined with writing and I'd rather it be a process that goes at my own pace (which is usually pretty slow heh).

5) What do you want to improve on in the future when writing or creating art? Anything new you want to try?
My writing tends to have a lot of dialogue and a lack of descriptions. I find that when I try to add descriptions into my story, they usually take on a writing style that doesn't really fit in with the rest of the story, so I'd like to find a way of writing descriptively that fits with my own writing style! I'd also like to try writing shorter fics that still leave an impact on the reader - I'm always amazed by stories like those! 

I think a Q&A would be a great idea! It's always fun getting to know more about other people (seriously, I love how interactive you are with all of us). 

What's something you like to do other than writing? A love of writing, reading or art has brought all of us here so it's interesting to find out more about the sort of things you enjoy!

and I spent too long answering these questions oml I think I overdid it
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Karma, how interesting! Hmm, maybe other series have academically-oriented characters like that? Can't think of a ton off the top of my head that are like that either, though!

I LOVE GEMSTONE AND FLOWER MEANINGS OML. A lot of prompts for my stories come from lists like those; I've written lots for flower language in the past! But I feel you on the whole spontaneous thing; this is more of a hobby for me and I hate feeling restrained.

Oooh, looks like we have some opposite goals! I definitely need more dialogue and action in my fics! Keep practicing and you'll get there!

Ahhhh, that is so kind! I'll probably set that up soon! <3
And I absolutely love sports, I'm joining quite a few leagues for various sports right now (often basketball, volleyball, and softball but way more than that) as well as arts and crafts! Not particularly drawing, but full on crafts like decorating or baking or jewellery or needle felting!

Omg don't even worry bahaha I love reading long things it always just takes me a while to respond lmao. <3
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haikyuubbysHobbyist Writer
I guess it's difficult to find a character who expresses their trait in the same way as you? Like two people could love art, but one may just enjoy it as a hobby and the other may want to dedicate their life towards art, so that's why I don't personally see myself in a lot of characters. But I think Karma's view on academics is really close to mine! 

I love them too! And I love your stories that are inspired by flower language hehe

I can say the same to you! Ahh I love coming across sentences that manipulate language so beautifully!

Ahh that sounds like it'll be a lot of fun! Most of my hobbies are basically sitting-based lolol but oohh arts and crafts! Hehe that is something really enjoyable!

Yep ahah I'll be looking forward to your Q&A though! xx
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Ohhhh, that's a really good way of looking at it! I think I can see myself in a lot of loud characters lmao, but you're right it's usually just tiny parts of each character I see in my personality!

I hope you continue your gemstone series in the same way! And make a cute lil directory for them afterward, hehe.

What else are your hobbies? Any kind of music or anything?

And aww, that is so kind! I'm glad! <3
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haikyuubbysHobbyist Writer
Loud characters are always a favourite!! And it's always great having extroverted friends since I'm more reserved - though I can get my loud moments lmao

Ahh it'll be a while until I'll be able to make a directory for my gemstone series since I procrastinate a lot and - ah well no shame in that lolol

I've been playing the piano for a few years now! Though I only have an old electronic keyboard at home so I always get really excited when I'm seated at an actual grand piano hehe. I also enjoy crocheting - it honestly amazes me at how a bit of yarn can turn into something so cool oml
dinosauruses's avatar
Opposites attract, eh? ;)

And of course, take your time! I had to write a bunch of series before thinking of putting them all on my profile and such; it happens eventually, ehe.

Oh, how cool! Both of those sound really relaxing. I haven't played my keyboard in ages, but you're right, a real, grand piano is just so mesmerizing and exciting. But I should definitely get into crocheting or knitting and make warm things hahaha
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