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Ever since I was young, I've always had a fascination in extinct animals. In only 15 years, I've dedicated my life to research all the information I can possibly find on their locations, sizes, etc. I'm Eric and I'm glad to be here.

Villain and Hero Alliances

Villain and Hero Alliances

In the Sha Sha Show, they're many different groups, alliances and factions and these are most of the alliances that I'm sharing with anyone that wishes to see. Evil Santa’s Alliance: The Abominable Dope-man Christmas Woody Evil Santa’s Elves Jimmy Apple-Jack Betsy Zurg Supreme (occasionally) Christmas Zurg Christmas Oley Zoey Search And Rescue Buzz’s Alliance Captain Salazar 3 Thieves Chrome Buzz Galactic Defender Buzz Nighttime Rescue Buzz 4 Thieves 5 Thieves Commander 11 Dynamite Buzz Old George (formerly) Hafthor Vilgax (occasionally) All-Girls Alliance (mostly) Koala Bam Bala Panda Bam Banda Puppalinta Zoey The Fooderators Jibbitson’s Alliance Science Woody Commander Windu Voltron Crooked Digger The Ancient One (formerly) Commander Shadow (formerly Dr. Arnaro (formerly) The Dark Lord’s (part 1) alliance Chain Woody The Dark Lord’s (part 2) alliance Charmcaster Dr. Animo (formerly) Adwaita (formerly) Hex (formerly) Darkstar (formerly) Dynamite

Playable Characters In Shalactic Racing

Playable Characters In Shalactic Racing

I am a very big fan of the video game Ben 10 Galactic Racing and I want to take the concept of racing around the universe on different alien planets and convert that into all of MY created characters and select all the playable characters. These are the characters that I have chosen to be downloadable, notable, or playable in the video game. The game would have a brawl setting and thousands of playable characters and would have the exploration and expansion that games such as No Man's Sky and Ark Survival Evolved have. I just need to find out how to program video games and create them and maybe get a several jobs surrounding that. Playable Characters in the Sha Sha/ Iron Buzz Galactic Racing Video Game: AKA Shalactic Racing First Buzz Green Buzz Jewel Zurg Court Case Woody Guilty Woody Law Woody Big-Fist Chunk Chunkwick Old Man Arms Super Soaker Zurg Brainstorm Upgrade Ghostfreak Cookie Puddin’ Dune Patrol Buzz Credo Woody Zurglit Mission Log Woody 9’ O Clock Woody

The First Battle - Current Battle of the Beasts

The First Battle - Current Battle of the Beasts

This is a timeline of the Sha Sha Show events and what arks and plots have taken place within this timeline. The Iron Buzzes story: The Great Battle of Mugu Mountain: Yellow Buzz, his partner and adoptive brother Purple Buzz, and the rest of the A-team surround a young Zurg Supreme who is stationed on Mugu Mountain and has a stash of weapons and electric sticks. Yellow Buzz and the rest of them utilize their Ultimate Weapons to their advantage and fight him to the edge of the cliff. Zurg Supreme used HIS Ultimate Weapon, his cape of death. He flies over Purple Buzz and knocks him to the very edge of the cliff, nearly killing him. However, Yellow Buzz and Ninja Buzz attack him from behind and he is kicked off the mountain. He is presumed to be deceased for a long time after that. Zurg Supreme hires the Black Holes as his butlers: Zurg Supreme ultimately returned and decided to start a family. He had an unknown spouse, who's never made an on-screen appearance and they had their


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