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mommy dragon spanking Jason



(This art is from a book called "A Trip to woodLand" But The story I wrote and the background photo is mine.) The little dragon`s Name is Jason. he is a naughty little dragon he thinks his mommy does not give him enough attention. his mommy would send him to his room for being naughty. but that was not working. So Jason`s mommy decided to have a mommy to son talk with him. "I want to have a little talk with you about your behavior." mommy dragon pulled up a stone chair and sat down and said Jason come over to mommy`s lap and sit down. Jason went over to mommy`s lap and sat down. "What did I tell you about playing in the street". Jason answered by saying every one else is doing it to mommy. "Every one else is not my son well the talk is over it`s time for a spanking". Before Jason the little dragon could ask what a spanking is. His mommy lifted Jason up and laid him over here scaly lap and said "I love you to much for you to get hit by a car I should have done this long ago". mommy dragon started to give Jason the little dragon a spanking wack! wack! ow! wack! OW wack! OW! WACK OW WAHH! "All right I hope you learned your lesson Id rather you be hit on your bottom by my hand than be hit by a car" she picked Jason up on here lap and gave him a big hug. with a tear in here eye she said "I don't want you to do that again!" Ok mommy Jason said.
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What book is this art from?