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Flynn Rider Shimeji

Some of us want to be him, and some of us want a Flynn Rider of our own, so I made a shimeji. Took me... ages, because there are a lot of frames. And I have to make, like, three different versions of Rapunzel, SOB.

Flynn Rider & Tangled belong to Disney, I made these, hope you dig 'em.

How To
1. Download the .rar file by clicking the "download" button next to the preview.
2. Unpack the file by using a program like Winzip or Winrar and set the destination as somewhere easy to get to, like your documents or desktop.
3. Once that is done, open the folder; you will see three more folders, a file called Shimeji labeled as an application, and another file, also named Shimeji, labeled as an Executable Jar File.
4. Double click on the Application, wait a couple moments, and then a Shimeji will fall from the top of your screen.
5. To close the program, right-click on the icon in the system tray, and click the last item on the menu.

Note: Once downloaded, I take no responsibility for the shenanigans these Shimeji may get into. They're your problem now.
Looks like Shimejis are currently confined to Windows OS, unless you've got Wineskin or Winebottler or something like that on your Mac. If you know how to make Shimeji more Mac-friendly, please let me know so I can help folks out!
© 2011 - 2021 dinosaurbarbecue
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None of them seem to work anymore :crying:
All I get is a japanese(?) error, asking me something about Java version 6..
do you know anything about that? Or do they not work on 64bit systems?
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Does it work for Mac?
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I confess that I'm not entirely sure, I've only ever used them on Windows. You can go ahead and give it a try, as long as you have a program like Winzip or similar that can unpack the files from the archive. If it doesn't work, I'll look for a mac-friendly Shimeji program to modify.
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Mac doesn't have Winzip or Winrar. FML. :/

But thank you so much! I would really appreciate that!

A littl Flynn Rider on my desktop would really make my day ;'D
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So cute! I want to download.. will it work for mac?
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I'm not sure, I've never tried them on Macs D: I don't think so, but it probably won't hurt to give it a try...
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Haha sweet :D


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If it doesn't work, let me know! I can try to find Mac-friendly shimejis and modify them for you :0
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Aww that's so nice of you!!

Do I need a program to download it, or do I just download?
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Just download it using the button on the right! The only program you'd need is Winzip or Winrar, or a Mac-equivalent program to "unzip" the packed files from their archive.
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Ah! Thanks so much!

You've really helped. I'm downloading Winzip now. hopefully it works!

Thank you so much!!
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Of course! Let me know if it works! :)
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aww that's cute! i like how ya made it!
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Thank you! Let's hope I can keep the ball rolling with Rapunzel.
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