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Tastes like chicken
Another gator pic I took in Florida's Gatorland. This time they're going for some chicken. Funny thing is, these alligators taste like chicken (they served alligator meat there and I tried it for the first time since my toddler years).
A shot of an alligator reaching up for something down at Florida. Took it myself and I must say it's quite nice for something I took on my phone.
Does this mean no more serrated tongues in non-avian theropods? And that King Kong would have been less likely to bite out that theropod's tongue?…
Just want to see if anyone here can help me out here. Does anyone have information on the exact size of the Wrangel Island woolly mammoths?
Tyrannosaurus fight (aka: I'm a shit artist)
I haven't uploaded a single solitary piece of art here ever since I joined DeviantArt three years ago, and that's because I'm a horrible artist (I mostly talk to people here). Well...that changes today...if with a bad sketch.

I think I'm reasonably good at replicating something that largely resembles what I want to draw, but the problem is I don't know of any piece of art that depicts a Tyrannosaurus kicking a member of its own kind in the face while on the ground. Even when using artwork from other people for reference I failed to make a good drawing. This looks like something a five year old would make.

But while there's certainly a whole lot wrong with this drawing that you can pick at, I do think that what I tried to depict and what you can roughly see is reasonably plausible. There's work (Rothschild, 2013) reporting pathologies in tyrannosaurid specimens that seem to have been created by conspecific claws, where the size and distribution of the wounds are apparently incompatible with tooth damage. The particular case that inspired this atrocious sketch was the Tyrannosaurus specimen named "Peck" (MOR 980). There is a hole in its right surangular and a smaller hole in the subjacent clinal. A Tyrannosaurus pedal claw matches up perfectly to both holes (Fig. 10.2). Rothschild depicts two Tyrannosaurus skeleton models where one is about to kick the other while standing on one leg and the other is in a relatively crouched position (Fig. 10.6). I think the kicker would be sacrificing too much stability in the model Rothschild shows (the leg it stands on is also completely straightened, which to my knowledge theropods would have been unable to do), so instead, I depicted the attacker kicking while it's laying on the ground (on its side, to be more precise); you can't lose your balance and fall if you're already on the ground. This is something that, for example, cats will do in a fight with a conspecific.

So, uh...enjoy...or rather, not.

Art references used:………




Rothschild BM2013. Clawing their way to the top: tyrannosaurid pathology and lifestyle. In: Parrish JMMolnar RECurrie PJKoppelhus EB, eds. Tyrannosaurid Paleobiology. Bloomington: Indiana University Press211-221
It seems that for all their numbers, passenger pigeons actually had a lower genetic diversity than expected. This would have implications for their susceptibility to extinction at human hands.…
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Thank you.
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About titanosaur lateral bracing. I was blocked by asuma, so I'll post my reply here.

Um, I cannot really disclose the link right now, its part of a project on titanosaurs. I will link an example image… note the prominent enlargement of the cervical rib, and transverse process.
Dinopithecus Featured By Owner Edited Apr 14, 2017
Oh, thanks for telling me about the status of the whole thing.

So, if I'm looking at the right thing, there looks to be a rugose texture(?) on the lateral projection; I can't tell if it's post-mortem cracking or an actual feature of the bone. If the latter, that would indicate keratin (like in apatosaurines), right?
ijreid Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, if its rugose there would be keratin covering the rugose region.
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