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Biology student; aspire to get into paleontology one day

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Nope; got none
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300, Michael Bay Transformers films (some, at least), King Kong (2005), Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F
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Dragon Ball Super, Adam Ruins Everything, Outrageous Acts of Science; formerly Deadliest Warrior
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Don't listen to music
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A handful of Michael Crichton's books
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Michael Crichton
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If only I played video games much nowadays
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See above
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My phone camera (for photography) and paint (whether acrylic or oil during my time painting)
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Fossil fauna (mostly vertebrates), Dragon Ball franchise, Transformers franchise, wild fauna, warriors and weaponry, and some other things I'm forgetting.
New Giants: Promotional image for Planet Dinosaur. Image source. Ngl, I actually forgot just how the beginning of this episode goes. So I can say that when you see this segment for the first time, you might get an impression that the Argentinosaurus hatchling is going to be faced with a couple of opportunistic predators right after birth, only to be saved (intentionally or not) from a marauding Skorpiovenator at the last minute by an adult. You know, as if it were the protagonist of our story. Nope. The Skorpiovenator is even more brutal than you’d expect. It doesn’t just swallow the hatchling down, it literally slams it onto the ground and instantly kills it, undoubtedly breaking bones. Well, the adults do come shortly after. The hind feet look like they could use larger and more curved claws (this is the general pedal claw shape for sauropods, with only one exception I can think of). The stated size (both body length and mass) seems about right. The overall body shape, though
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Fight for Life: Promotional image for Planet Dinosaur. Image source. Okay, so at least this episode sticks to one time period just like “Lost World”, although it looks at two separate ecosystems, one terrestrial, one marine. No idea how accurately the ammonites are modeled. Sorry, not an invertebrate specialist. It’s to my understanding that we now believe that at least some plesiosaurs had small vertical tail flukes. Not anywhere near as big as mosasaur or ichthyosaur tail flukes, of course, but I guess they would have provided an extra bit of thrust. So unless you’ve been living under a rock this whole time, Predator X is now known to us as Pliosaurus funkei. The documentary puts its size at >15 meters in length and 45 tonnes. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the early gigantic size estimates were based on its flippers. We later learned that Pliosaurus just had enormous flippers for its size, and modern estimates put it somewhere between 8 and 9 meters in total body
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Last Killers: Screen capture from Planet Dinosaur. Just gonna start off with saying this: there’s something so satisfying and refreshing for a work of dinosaur media to not feature Tyrannosaurus in the flesh at all. And ngl, this is actually a little bit of what makes Planet Dinosaur, Disney’s Dinosaur, and Dinosaur Planet interesting to me (the last one actually does feature T. rex, but it only has short screen time there). There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of other non-avian dinosaur species to help you showcase the splendor of the dinosaur kingdom. Why not use those? I don’t say all this because I hate T. rex or anything. In fact, I say this for the exact opposite reason: I’m a fan of Tyrannosaurus rex, and I don’t like the fact that it’s basically now just bread and butter among the dinosaurs. When you actually take a look at it, and see what about it sticks out from other dinosaurs, it is anything but. That said, Tyrannosaurus is mentioned here and there
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About titanosaur lateral bracing. I was blocked by asuma, so I'll post my reply here.

Um, I cannot really disclose the link right now, its part of a project on titanosaurs. I will link an example image svpow.files.wordpress.com/2009… note the prominent enlargement of the cervical rib, and transverse process.