paleoart theft!

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This dude :iconthespinosaurusguy: is using fellow paleoartist Manabu Sakamotos work without permission and claiming essentially that these drawings belong to him. That's a big no no..

Heres an example:

Nice Allosaurus drawing from Manabus website…

(If the link doesnt work try going to…)

Manabus nice drawing in spinoguys DA gallery:

Wrong move pal. Now, Glendon Mellow aka. :iconglendonmellow: has been leading the charge by reporting this platant art theft to DA admins, and by leaving comments to Spinosaurusguys page. And now...well Spinosaurusguy has deleted Glendons comments and blocked Glendon.

Yeah now that's not going to fly is it?

Don't go and cuss him off or leave nasty comments or anything like that. Just report the stolen art to DA admins and if you wan't to leave a comment try to be civil.


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It looks like the plagiarized works have been deleted. Yay!