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death of a dragon

Skull of a Guidraco resting in in a shallow water together with whole búnch of partly ash covered jehol flora. 
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Damn, thats so well thought out as well was beautifully rendered! Just a wonderful piece!

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That is so damn cool...
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Wait, that's water?! I thought it was blood! I was about o say "that must be one hell of a nose bleed" and "how is a bunch of blood still there when all the soft tissue on the skull is gone?" I can se now that it's for dramatic effect. NICE! :)
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The colours are amazing! The weight of each object seems so real too.
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I think my favorite thing about this is the red shadow. Gotta say, I really love your work Dinomaniac! Not only because your a very talented artist, but the comment section to your work always feels like a paleo artist party. But instead of socializing I feel like I'm the guy in the back hoping no one notices I'm a phony. 
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very beautyful, amazing colors
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Very atmospheric. Great choice of color palette, it is gorgeous!
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Let the fossilization commence!
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Really fantastic! I love how unique this is.
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Beautiful! I really love the subtlety in this
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