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Sinocalliopteryx skeletal

By Dinomaniac
Skeletal reconstruction of Sinocalliopteryx gigas.

Phew...finally ready. This one has been sitting on my "Work in progress" file waaayyy too long (1,5 years to be specific).

oh and scalebar is 20 cm
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This thing was RAVENOUS

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Could I maybe use this to make a reconstruction of Sinocalliopteryx. I`d of course credit you.
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Awesome dinosaur! I assume those filamentous areas on the skeletal represent known feathering on the fossil material?
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Hey Ville, I used your skeletal as reference for a reconstruction here. Thanks!
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Very cool! Does look a lot like Dilong... Didn't it have feathers on the metatarsus as well?
Dinomaniac's avatar

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Very Dilong like.

And I checked the feathers and it seems that theres no feathers on metatarsus but there are some in distal tibia that I forgot and some on the neck.
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That's odd, for some reason I can't find the paper but I could have sworn the authors made a point of noting the metatarsal feathers and suggesting they were common in more primitive groups than Microraptor and Pedopenna.
Interesting looking animal! It looks very similar to Dilong come to think of it, apart from the skull. Could you upload a picture that could compare the two?
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Yeah those are my thoughts exactly. it really does look quite similar to Dilong. What was also striking is the lenght of the forelimbs.
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Awesome. :heart:

I love dinosaurs, and I'm pretty sure this'll help me with my dino-natomy. (:
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About time I saw a skeletal of one of these!
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Looks Good! ;)
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in what order is he?
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Oh yeah forgot to mention that detail :P

it's 20 cm
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