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Tribal Bosses

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Enigmatherium. One of the rarest beasts in Luenra, this mysterious, one-horned giant feeds in the cover of dense fog. Nearsighted and temperamental, it will charge at anything that draws near its hidden meadow. Each of the four campaigns has one Enigmatherium, hidden in a random level as an optional boss. Its moveset is somewhat limited compared to other bosses, but it is extremely powerful and each race will have to employ a different tactic to defeat it.

Ursus. A great and terrible bear scarred by a lifetime of bloody battle and thwarted hunts. This boss appears only in the Dryll campaign, and unlike all the others the goal of her encounter is to disable, not kill. Ursus is a vicious and bloodthirsty opponent, too relentless to overcome in combat. As a Dryll warrior, you'll be tasked with evading her never-ending barrage and slowing her down with paralytic darts as you gather ingredients her arena. If you're lucky you might just find a way to lull her asleep before she swipes your head off.

Titan Boa. The great grandfather of serpents, this impossibly long reptile appears only in the Ubaan campaign, wrapped around the trunk of a huge fallen tree bridging a ravine. Unfortunately for you that tree is the only way to cross. Once riled from its slumber, the Titan Boa cuts you off on both ends with its coils and strikes at you with its fangs and tail. Only its head takes damage, so arrows and throwing spears are recommended. Outlast its attacks and deal enough damage and the wrathful snake will accidentally crush the log in its coils, sending both of you plummeting to the river below...

Mesothelae. A brood of giant, flesh-rending spiders lives in the deep burrows, and Mesothelae rules them all. Found only in the Makilek campaign, Mesothelae spends most of the fight perched on a wall of webbing you cannot climb. Swarms of her smaller offspring attack you in waves while she lobs webbing at you, gradually decreasing the amount of space you have to move in. The webbed up patches can be destroyed with your sparks, but risky as it sounds, it's best to leave them lay and navigate around them as you fight the spiders. After each wave Meso will pounce to fight you herself, and while her armor deflects all attacks it cannot withstand fire- strike the patches after she's sprung to scorch her in her own trap. Just be wary- the more times you fend her off, the harder it'll be to stop her attacks.

Nepenthes. Deep in the foulest pit of the swamp is a giant man-eating plant that dissolves prey in vats of acid. In the Rith campaign you'll be tasked with destroying it- no easy feat for a lone warrior. Though it's true Nepenthes is rooted to the floor, it has long whipping tendrils and eight "heads" to attack with, snapping like snakes and to try and consume you. Circle its writhing, reaching mass and avoid the super-strong acid and regurgitated bodies it spews, shooting into its mouths with your own spit whenever you can. Blast each one at just the right time and wither it away and eventually the monstrous plant will be helpless.

Though each of the four main bosses is specific to one race, it or elements of it (like its minions or tracks) can be found in every campaign. They can also appear later in Legend levels as regular enemies and fodder.
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Love these things! Nep and Meso especially.

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so a rhyno, ber, snek, spooder and a plent.

seems legit

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Awesome! My only complaint is that you can longer see the dude for scale. Also, given that the plant is filled with acid, I'm surprised it's not the boss for the Makilek. They all look great though. :)

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Fair enough! Originally it was just going to be him standing with the bosses, but there was so much empty space I thought it'd be more fun to put the whole bestiary behind them. I thought it conveyed the scale well enough, but maybe it would be clearer with the caveman.

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It's certainly not a big problem. I just love having a little man for scale. :D

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Really like these guys too! I really like how they’d be normal enemies in the Legend gameplay but massive threats to the tribal people down below.

Will we be seeing their minions at some point?

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Thanks! The only one with minions is Mesothelae, and since they're basically just smaller versions of herself I chose to omit them.

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