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Hello everybody,
it has been a while since I wrote my last journal, but now I felt like I should write a new.
2013 was a quite good year. I got a new full-time job, moved to a new place, started many new projects.
2014 will be even more exiting. Some projects I started last year, will be done this year. Things like my icon-set "Marei" or tutorial/progress-videos of my paintings. I'm looking forward to my No.1-project, my first full-body-bodypaint :)
I have done some minor bodypaintings (mostly tattoos) in the last times, but I never did a full-body. It's an easy one for the beginning, the test plug-suit of Asuka from Evangelion 2.22 (it was the wish from the model herself). It will happen around summer, when we are able to work outdoors.

Other projects are:
My comics (my full time-job is slowing me down drawing this bitch)
Steampunk-workshop (if you are near Stade on the first weekend in May, take a visit to the Aethercircus)
a board-game (me and my brother are still working on this, we are so damn slow with it)
and many others

thats all for now folks
Hello everybody,
As you can see in my gallery, I'm taking request and comissions. I'm very flattered when you me for a drawing or a painting. But please note that I have a quite normal life and a job and my own things I'm working on, so be easy on me. You can ask me anytime, but an answer might take a while (when I'm too busy).

UPDATE: Request are now closed. It was fun, but very exhausting for me. I will finish the requests that I already accepted, but will not take new ones.

I'll tell you when requests are open again.

I'm working on a pricelist for comissions, so you can pay me for my work. Paid comissions are ALWAYS prioritized.

So long everybody
Okay everybody,
I'm off for this year
Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year

Okay alle zusammen,
Ich verabschiede mich für dieses Jahr,
Frohe Weihnachten und ein frohes neues Jahr
(oder auf Plattdeutsch: "Glücksegs nei Joar") ;-)
Hello everyone,
In a few days I'm gonna turn a year older. My 28th year was quite exciting. Most of the time I was unemployed, but I used the freetime to finish a comic-book. Got through some lovesicknes and survived. I was part of a very bizarre party (a very x-rated party), had some good sex with sexy women, several times I was out of money, and got good job as a freelancer. I think it was a good year.
Lets see what the next year is bringing up.

Hallo zusammen,
In ein paar Tagen werde ich ein Jahr älter. Mein 28. Lebensjahr war recht aufregend. Die meiste Zeit war ich arbeitslos, aber ich habe die viele Freizeit genutzt um einen Comic fertigzustellen. Bin durch einigen Liebeskummer gegangen und habe überlebt. Ich war auf einer ziemlich schrägen (nicht jugendfreien) Party, hatte guten Sex mit sehr(!) gutaussehenden Frauen, war einige Male fast pleite und habe einen guten Job als Freelancer begonnen. Ich glaube es ein gutes Jahr.
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Today I uploaded my new comic :-)
I draw comics since I was 8, so this is my 20th anniversary. It's interesting how things envolved in this time. My first comic had 3 pages, my newest 40. The stories became more mature and my drawing more professional. And I am very happy with it :-)

Heute habe ich meinen neuen Comic hochgeladen :-)
Ich zeichne Comics seit ich 8 bin, sogesehen ist dies mein 20jähriges Jubiläum. Schon Interessant wie sich die Dinge mit der Zeit entwickelt haben. Mein erster Comic hatte 3 Seiten, mein neuster hat 40. Die Geschichten wurden erwachsener und meine Zeichnungen immer professioneller. Das macht mich glücklich :-)
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hi everyone
2010 is nearly over, thats a fact. Right now I start to dislike snow and frosty temperatures. This year had many ups and downs for me. I graduated my Bachelor of Arts but I wasn't allowed to start Master. I am unemployed but I'm quite busy with my own projects. You see I'm alright for now. 2011 will become even better. so I hope.

If you stop working on yourself,
you stop being good.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my parents for the holidays and it looks like the trains filled up with many people. (I don't like that)
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Last week I got my new computer.
This is the first one who dont have Windows XP, Vista, 7 or anything else on it. And no its not a Mac^^
My OS ist Ubuntu 10.04 aka Lucid Lynx. This is a Linux distrubtion. Well, at first my programs like photoshop, Indesign, and so on, didn't run. I changed some settings, installed WINE and now everything work fine.
From now on I don't need Windows anymore. And I'm very happy with it.

And the best thing is: Ubuntu is absolutly free
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Last night Germany won the ESC......again, after 28 years.
thats nearly my age^^
And Lena is so lovly, and cute, and beautiful, and cute... ^^
Just great!

Okay enough with that....
I am working for about 5 weeks now. Its not a great work (a trained monkey can do that) but the payment is good and the people there are nice. Because of that work I dont have much time to work on my own projects but I can handle this.

cee ya
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Hey Everyone,
Today is a nice warm, sunny day. I like it. I'm quite happy.....even when there is no reason for it. I am still unemployed, I dont have much money and drank too much cappucino. Okay the last point isn't really bad.
The good thing is, I have much time to work on my own things like my next comic or my own Font-creations :-)

well, that all for now.
next week I'm going to visit my parent over the Eastern-holidays.

see ya
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Hey everyone
On friday I officaly graduated University...Now I can call myself:
Bachelor of Arts
It's an awsome feeling. 3 years of hard work. 3 years of living with too less money.

too bad that I cant do the MA afterwards. But I simply wait a semester and try to apply for it next time

For now I enjoy the feeling of being a BA
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Today was the deadline for my final exam. I worked hard for it and I think it was all worthy. When I pass this I can call myself in 2 weeks Bachelor of Arts. Its hard to believe that another semester is nearly over. Tempus fugit.

Now I dont really have an idea what I do next. I tried to sign up for a Master-study but I failed with that. Its bad but I will survive and try it next time.

So long for me, folks....CeeYaa
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Hi everybody
If you read my last journal you would know that I was working on my own website
Now its finished and I am very happy with that.

It has 2 sections: a white one and a black one; one for Design and one for Art
in the Design-section you can see illustration, concepts and already published works (like posters or cd-covers or webdesigns)
in the Art-section you'll see comics I made since 2003 and drawings, illustrations, paintings and other crazy stuff

here is a link to it:
its in german only....i hope you dont mind

I try to keep it up to date

see ya soon folks
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hello everybody,
I'm working on three projects now. one is for the university, two are private ones. I am not the greatest in multi-tasking, i realize now. the uni-project is a cooking-book for sweets like cakes, pies, desserts and stuff....its for my final exam.
the others are comics I do for myself and my website. one of it is nearly finished, the other one hasnt really started yet, still working on the script :-/

oh and i try to re-design my homepage...that makes four projects
like the title says: too many project
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the semester is fading out next week....that quite a good news. the bad thing is that i have to work during the summer to get some money so I can live a quite normal life when I am studying. (damn I need money bad) could be worse.

right now I'm enjoying my new operating system Ubuntu. It's great....I can make it look like a Mac OS or somethings else, without decreasing my CPU-power, my internet is faster and I'm resistend against trojans, worms, malware and the whole crap :-)
HAHA I am superior !!! ;-)  

So long everybody
seeya soon
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F**k yeah

I wanna thank everyone who visited me here on DA

next stop: 2000
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I'm feeling fine
Not high, not low.....just fine
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it is kind of ironic
in autumn its getting colder, the day become shorter and many people, me either, get easier depressed. at the moment I'm not depressed or melancholic...but I can stop thinking about things like: love, aloneness, my life and such stuff.
But I like that...and the somtimes I like the weather in that season. the trees get colorful, the rain cleans the air and i like the smell of that air.
yesterday I went for walk (at 11pm). I took a deep breath, enjoyed the silence and looked at the citylights. I thought about my stuff and I liked it
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It's been nearly two weeks since I heard about the death of Michael Turner. I never met him but I always wanted to. Now I will never get a chance to see him. That makes me sad. I draw comics since I'm 8 years old, but when I saw his drawings for the first time I knew how my comics should look like. I knew what I wanted to be. I felt that there was a connection. I don't know what comes after death, but I hope and pray that we will meet someday. And then we will draw the best comic in the whole universe!
I will NEVER forget you Mike
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