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Ainoloid Rainmeter virtual assistant beta 2

By Dinoeater345
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Name of aiのloid: Mayu

***make sure to go to documents\rainmeter\skin\ainoloid\ readme for instruction on how to install****

**video might be made soon

version info:
-added new animations
-added alarm clock feature
-added recycle bin feature
-added new voice commands 

-found the way to improve voice recognition (it was due to a silly mistake on my part)
-an animation that was bothering me.(mayu)
-changed standing idle animation.(mayu)
-background appearance

Hello everyone I've been working on this this skin recently. a rainmeter anime virtual assistant fully animated as well! (don't complain about the terrible animation I'm not an animator). It's in beta because It doesn't completely satify me to be able to call it version 1 yet.

later I might take some requests to make other characters for a price (copyrighted characters excluded, unless I'm sure I'm not going to be sued)
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Hi! Nice work dude, I've been planning to make something like this then i found yours! Maybe ill use this as reference, I'll give you the link when im done :D
I'll give you credits for using mayu as reference and as thanks :D
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hey! first time someone commented on my work XD

I have another ainoloid character that I made and she is called rue cross the character belongs to someone else it was more like an art trade that I made with a voice actress for mayu's voice in utau. never got around to putting her voice yet though.

so what are you planning to make? if you want you can help me to expand ainoloid, and implement your own ideas unto there.
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sorry for the long reponse.... took a month... LOL

so anyway im making something like can chat with her and she has animation (yeah...animation like gifs) like yours and has a voice for certain event (i use vocaloid for voice but i havnt started yet, busy on animation) event for example: battery low, wifi connected :P . she also changes uniform/costume depending on the day.{ex. christmas, Halloween}
You can interact with her with input text plugin, yeah just that, no buttons, just inputtext.

im thinking that you could put more effort for those who dont have a mic (Like me :D) and  maybe put a tutorial/help on how to use it cuz even i dont know :P.
well.... thats my plan for my VERY FIRST ULTIMATE MEGA simple rainmeter project and my suggestion for your work... BTW my character name for my plan is shironeko.
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-"You can interact with her with input text plugin, yeah just that, no buttons, just inputtext"

I was working on that as well, In the code I already had a way to activate commands using the input text plugin. I was using it at first as a way to activate animations to see if they looked good. but later on I had planned to use it as a way to speak with her, Cause I was planning to make some kind of dating sim like thing XD

-"she also changes uniform/costume depending on the day."

I was planning something like this as well except as part of the dating sim thingy, cause I had planned that you could take her to the beach and she would be in her swimsuit, or that when she goes to sleep everynight she would change into her pijamas. XD

-"im thinking that you could put more effort for those who dont have a mic"

I already had buttons in place for various tasks, I was going to add more, but unfortunately had to stop this project as animating takes too much time (not too mention I'm not really good at it XD).

although the mic I use is one I took apart from this old broken headphones, it's not even high quality. but if you have an android or apple cellphone you could use it as a microphone, just download an app, it's even better if it works with wifi cause you could be anywhere in your house and tell it to shutdown or hibernate.

if you need help with the coding or get stuck on something I could probably lend a hand.
NeonGamer-EXP's avatar yours is like a dating sim.

My project is like a character inside the desktop which help you to do tasks and monitor things.
I also added recently Sysinf plugin that when you type a specific text, it will show your computer spec.
I planned to make it compatible for usb for rainmeter portable and compatible to all computers.
Maybe ill add voice command next time after i finished the project...

Currently, im working on the animations and voice. Maybe ill finish it in march or april...
but temporarily, Im gonna use audio bars for visuals... im gonna submit my art next week to show its early stage then improve it little by little...

I forgot to tell you, you should make yours CPU efficient because in my pc, it takes a long time before it can start and when i refresh it...     THX :)
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