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August 5, 2018
Sci-fi gate by DinoDrawing
Featured by cosmicbound
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Sci-fi gate

Worked a bit on a new personal sketch. Inspired by the Death Star.
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Awesome, Stunning, and Splendid Artwork!!! Awesome + plz with new shading! Stunned Sir3o Mindblowing :headbang: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: clap remake 1a Hyper Clap :woohoo: :w00t:

MicahZDar's avatar
Looks like something out of an old scifi pulp, very cool.
pixg's avatar
full of mystery! great scale.
AdrianMarkGillespie's avatar
WOW!!! Love this work very vast...i love it!!
shunter071's avatar
That is amazing!
7Bugs's avatar
Smiley: Shiny eyes congratulations! Clap 
RJBG's avatar
Awesome work!
lovethefailedartist's avatar
Fantastic work. I love the contrast of the red interior and the green exterior. Also the lighting and the smoke effects. Beautiful.
Tinselfire's avatar
With apologies for not seeing the forest for the trees, must say it is a joy seeing classic "battleship" starship designs in the Yamato vein. Not a common sight in this day and age.

Well done.
Odinsknot's avatar
Unseeming's avatar
This is stunning work. The ships make for such scale & depth - such skillfully done.
SebastianCrenshaw's avatar
This is beautiful, we need more of these pieces of art!
jmb200960's avatar
Such a gate ! To what ? A kind of Dyson sphere ?
bunnywithmonocle's avatar
I love how the metal edges behind the gate look like a city skyline, giving it an awesome feeling of scale!
Ryanator50's avatar
wow, it also sorta reminds me of those deathstar-like space stations from Bosconian. this could be great concept art for a modern version of that!
Sabz0r's avatar
wonderful job ! good use of greens and reds :D
nov1design's avatar
This is fascinating :o
burningmonk's avatar
Insanely cool work!! :D
Azerty72200's avatar
Inspired by the Death Star, but you managed to make it your own 😀
Scorpidilion's avatar
Excellent work! :thumbsup: ;)
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