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Age of Kaiju: Muto Prime by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Muto Prime :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 11 4 KCU: Armadatron by DinoDragoZilla17 KCU: Armadatron :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 5 3 KCU: Simians by DinoDragoZilla17 KCU: Simians :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 6 1
Age of Kaiju: Kaiju diseases
It is rare that Kaiju get diseases (bar the copious parasites which infest the Major ones and are Kaiju themselves). They generally have superb immune systems which fend off almost any disease, but those few diseases which can affect Kaiju are generally unique only to Kaiju and are horrifying...
Critical Mass: This is less a disease and more of a consequence. If a pure radiovore (IE Godzilla, Mothra, the Mutos ETC ETC) absorbs too much radiation (Critical Mass only occurs in them as they are the only creatures able to absorb enough radiation), they will reach “Critical Mass”, where their bodies grow larger, and their flesh, now steaming profusely, is revealed across their body as huge, glowing orange sores. This occurs due to the atomic battery temporarily expanding to contain the radiation, the body heating up rapidly as everything else attempts to throw the radiation out. Critical Mass has two stages: a “Fire” stage, where the afflicted monster’s energy
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Age of Kaiju: Kaiju and humanity
There are many different organisations and even peoples who base (or based) themselves mostly around Kaiju. This is a list of many of the different organisations (not including MONARCH, obviously):
Odo: Starting off in Okinawa, the Odo were the most advanced civilisation of the Stone Age, even mining metal and creating terracotta. Aided by Chinese tribes whose names have been lost to the sea of time, the Odo saw King Caesar, Godzilla and Mothra as their guardians, and relied on them to defeat other Kaiju. When they went dormant (along with most of the planet’s other monsters), the Odo lost their guidance, and became far more expansionist than ever before. They conquered most of Asia and Oceania, with a small outpost located in Australia, before going to war against the full might of their arch-enemy, the Saradian Empire, a war that ended in mutual destruction. Only two small fragments of the Odo, the Tagu and Atu, remained. These warring tribes dwelle
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KCU: Nebulans by DinoDragoZilla17 KCU: Nebulans :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 9 4 Correcting my mistakes by DinoDragoZilla17 Correcting my mistakes :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 8 7 Age of Kaiju: Battra by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Battra :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 14 6 Age of Kaiju: Zasunek by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Zasunek :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 11 6 Age of Kaiju: Saigar by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Saigar :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 13 3 Age of Kaiju: Atomic breath Godzilla by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Atomic breath Godzilla :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 13 7 Age of Kaiju: Raco by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Raco :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 13 3 Age of Kaiju: Topo by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Topo :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 11 3 Age of Kaiju: Ogra by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Ogra :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 14 0 Age of Kaiju: Magnaconda by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Magnaconda :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 16 17 Age of Kaiju: Reptilicus by DinoDragoZilla17 Age of Kaiju: Reptilicus :icondinodragozilla17:DinoDragoZilla17 11 6


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My Daikaiju Era Cinematic Universe Series
Godzilla King of Kaiju- Losing his father in his childhood, Dylan and his friend Ron, were requested to join a secret organization to search the existence of giant beasts known as kaiju, starting with the king of them all, Godzilla.
Kong King of Skull Island- A young zoologist was hired by Monarch to explore a strange location called Skull Island where it us ruled by exotic prehistoric fauna and a giant ape like titan named Kong.
King Against God- Team Delta are recruited to rescue Ashlyn from Skull Island as Godzilla follows them there, which leads two giant kings collide. Meanwhile a trio of feminine beings show up to conquer Skull Island with their pets they brought.
Mothra Balance of Power- Something is calling Miki, as she lead the team to Infant Island ruled by a giant moth, known as Mothra, and her twin priestesses. A terrorist organization, known as the Red Bamboo, invade the island and capture the twins, angering Mothra to attack humankind.
Rodan Terror in the Skies-
:iconsyfyman2xxx:Syfyman2XXX 32 27
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Age of Kaiju: Muto Prime
WARNING! Though obviously Muto Prime's story isn't exactly the same as the events of Godzilla: Aftershock due to being in the Age of Kaiju universe, they still take heavy inspiration from it, so you may get some spoilers from reading the rest of the description. If you don't want to get spoiled in any way for Aftershock, read on at your own peril!

Name: Muto Prime
Scientific name: Proenigmotherium giganticus (gigantic before Enigmotherium)
Height: 108.2 meters 
Length: 135 meters
Diet: Pure radiovore
Affiliation: Major Kaiju (Menace)

Overview: Some rivalries seem like destiny. Some begin with the ancestors of the rivals before the rivals themselves are even born. Godzilla and Gojirin's ancestors had to face off against the direct ancestors of the Mutos: Proenigmotherium giganticus, the last living member of which was named Muto Prime.

History: Muto Prime was a biolithic enigmothere that is believed to have roamed Russia during the Permian. She is believed to have lived rather like the Mutos did in ancient times, implanting her eggs in dead ancestors of Godzillasaurus hondai (which were somewhere in between Rhedosaurus harryhauseni and G. hondai). Fossil evidence indicates a vicious rivalry between the two species. Muto Prime is believed to have been buried in the Hollow Earth by a volcanic eruption, the rest of her kind eventually evolving into the Mutos.
Muto Prime re-emerged in the stone age, and is believed to have come to Japan. Her shockwaves caused earthquakes, and thus it is believed that Prime is the inspiration for the Jinshin Mushi, a legendary, earthquake-causing "dragon beetle" of Japanese myth. King Caesar eventually fought Prime and pursued her to Canada, where she was buried beneath a rockslide (Caesar would not be able to beat her otherwise) triggered by her shockwaves, which would eventually become Mount McKay. At least Prime was buried a second time, she was pregnant with thousands of eggs, which lay dormant with her.
MONARCH discovered Muto Prime in June of 2014. Extra precautions were taken in keeping her asleep: Mount McKay was surrounded by electrical pylons and sedatives pumped into it. However, this would not be enough...
In April 2018, Muto Prime awoke when ex-British army colonel Alan Jonah, an eco-terrorist with a fanatic devotion to King Ghidorah and whom had been involved with SCALE and multiple Battra cults prior, set off bombs around Mount McKay, unleashing Muto Prime. The colossal enigmothere rampaged across Canada, destroying everything in her path from armies to cities, passing through the US states of Washington and Oregon before burrowing underground. She was headed fo The remains of the Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Power Plant, the most radioactive place on the planet, to lay her eggs. After a short stop in Guam, Prime eventually reached Japan and entered her choice of nursery, but Godzilla had followed, and attacked her. The pair were evenly matched and would have killed each other if not for the intervention of Doctor Emma Russell, a MONARCH scientist who had invented a device named the ORCA intended to lure Kaiju away from cities. She used the ORCA to temporarily distract Prime, but that was not the only effect: the Mutos, who had been tailing Prime due to her nature as a pure radiovore making her major potential competition for food, had lost their ancestor, and the ORCA gave them just the right indicator as to where she was. Godzilla and the Mutos then clashed with Prime, Godzilla eventually killing her by crushing her skull and incinerating her eggs with his atomic breath. Prime’s remains where hauled off to the Necropolis and Godzilla and the Mutos parted ways surprisingly peacefully. Unfortunately, this incident allowed Jonah, who himself had been following Muto Prime, to kidnap Doctor Russell, and he would later use the ORCA for his own nefarious purposes.

Powers, abilities and weaknesses: Muto Prime was mostly a physical fighter, possessing incredibly physical strength (she managed to almost knock Godzilla unconscious with one punch) due to their rocky muscles, her nature as a huge, imposing and powerful fighter making many MONARCH agents describe her as a walking mountain. Prime's razor sharp, hooked beak, lined with equally serrated shearing plates of bone, and jagged spikes were also put to good use by her, and she used them to slash and impale foes. Lava was incorporated into her arms, allowing her to burn her foes whilst punching them. Prime’s armour, reinforced with igneous rock, could withstand Godzilla’s atomic breath, and she could generate shockwaves using a similar system as the Mutos’ electromagnetic pulses. Like these pulses, the shockwaves could knock out Godzilla’s atomic breath and even generate major earthquakes by causing the ground to violently vibrate. Muto Prime’s hooked claws could also grapple and tear opponents and were surprisingly effective digging tools that allowed her to carve vast burrows through the Earth’s crust. All of this made Muto Prime a formidable foe on par with Godzilla.
Muto Prime’s only weakness (apart from her slow, cumbersome body) was her soft underbelly. Not only could enemies easily injure the soft flesh there, but the other armour segments were attached there too, and so could be, with a lot of effort, ripped off from there, the method Godzilla used to be able to crush Prime’s head. Still, to attack the underbelly the foe would first have to flip over the sturdy Muto Prime, which was no easy task.

Personality: Muto Prime was a very stoic Kaiju, rarely showing emotion. Due to this, it was difficult to read her motives and even her relationships. Her lack of expression made her all the more imposing and mountain-like in battle. 

Due to Muto Prime’s stoicism, it was difficult to interpret her relationships. Her main goal was to lay her eggs, though we here at MONARCH aren’t even sure if that was out if genuine love for them or a desire to continue her lineage. She saw her foes as nothing more but obstacles to this goal, but seemed to have a personal hatred for Godzilla due to him being a descendant of her old prey.
Muto Prime represented a great threat to humanity. If she had laid her eggs, her offspring would have radiated out from Japan, scouring the planet for other radioactive sources. The offspring would have taken different territories and undoubtedly have killed many Kaiju for their radiation. One Muto Prime was enough of a problem for the military (even GDF AKVs were blasted away by her shockwaves and rescue teams tailed her across North America, Micronesia and Japan to rescue both civilians and soldiers alike), but multiple ones may have even wiped out mankind entirely.


Main Character Inspiration: Muto Prime, the main villain Kaiju of Godzilla: Aftershock
Appearance inspirations: The original Muto Prime, the Age of Kaiju version of Femuto and my own imagination

Muto Prime, Rhedosaurus, the Mutos and Godzilla: Aftershock belong to Warner Bros
Godzilla, King Caesar, King Ghidorah, Battra and Gojirin belong to Toho
I decided to break the hiatus with Muto Prime due to Aftershock being released early in some areas (so there was a plot synopsis on Wikizilla which I could use for inspiration for the History section) and because I was always thinking of making Prime the Mutos' ancestor rather than their mother, and because of my "very close relatives have to come immediately after each other in AoK" rule I could go ahead with Prime now. My main aim with the design was to bring Prime closer to the Mutos in design, as I'm not a big fan of the actual design we see in the comic. I'm not quite happy with how the head came out, but I think it's the best I'm going to get. 
KCU: Armadatron
Hey, everyone! Time to finish Mecha King Ghidorah with the Simians’ secret weapon, Armadatron! There were a number of inspirations for Armadatron: the main body is based on Utopia from Yu Gi Oh Zexal, the Legendary Defender version of Voltron and Unicron from Transformers, whilst the sword is based on the cutlass of Sentius Mallus (a transformer exclusive to the app game Transformers Earth Wars) and She-ra and the Princesses of Power’s version of the Sword of Protection. All of these belong to their respective owners, but I’m not putting the specific copyrights for them all as that would just be ridiculous. I think I should have really made the torso shorter and the head more like Utopia’s, but personally I like how this guy came out! Now then, let’s finish MKG once and for all!

Armadatron by Rutofirax Crandictera
Armadatron is easily the Simians’ most powerful weapon. This metal colossus is the largest Mecha ever constructed, the robot mode being a whopping 3 kilometres tall. Armadatron can switch between a huge, flat, wedge-like spaceship form that’s a threat in and of itself, but its robot form, highly agile (and speedy thanks to the rockets and wings on its back) in the vacuum of space, is even more deadly. Equipped with an energy sword a third of its length and a colossal, flat laser cannon on its chest capable of boring holes through planets, Armadatron is an alarmingly powerful foe, and many races surrender as soon as it so much as appears on the horizon.

Continuation of the rise of Mecha King Ghidorah by Udos Oifum
MKG and Gigan smashed their way through the swarms of Simian spacecraft, forcing back the armada. But there was still one last challenge to overcome: Armadatron, ready and waiting to destroy everything in its path and piloted by Kuronuma himself. MKG took it head-on, dodging its cannon and blade, and, though the battle was long, fast-paced and vicious, he eventually triumphed over the mechanical behemoth, tricking Kuronuma into stabbing one of the rockets on Armadatron’s back with the sword. The robot proceeded to violently rattle before exploding into a ball of flame that dissipated within seconds, and Kuronuma, almost certainly dead, was never found alive or deceased. There was much celebration, but the war wasn’t quite over. Mugal, the Simans’ emperor, had picked up the stragglers from Kuronuma’s forces and was headed for a planet infested with Kaiju named Earth. We brought Gigan and Mecha King Ghidorah there, and had another race close by move in with a cyborg we had lent them. We thought MKG would never betray us after his battle against Armadatron. But he would in time, and, as it turned out, he had a grudge against Earth’s inhabitants...

Mecha King Ghidorah, Gigan, the Simians belong to Toho
Hey, everyone! I’ve done some research and it turns out that the reason why there was a plot synopsis for Godzilla: Aftershock on Wikizilla was because it was released early in the US in Barnes and Nobles stores. Rather odd that this happens, but this mean I may be releasing an AoK version of Muto Prime soon!
Hey, everyone! Something rather odd has occurred on Wikizilla. A plot synopsis has been released for Godzilla Aftershock when it should be released on the 21st of May. Is there some kind of plot leak for the comic or is this likely to be fake?
UPDATE: The votes have come in and I will be adding the DCEU's monsters into Age of Kaiju!
Hey, everyone! I've had an idea for Age of Kaiju, but I'm unsure whether or not to go ahead with it, so I need you guys to decide! Since I will be using Warner Bros monsters, I'm debating whether or not to include the monsters from the DC Extended Universe. There will be no superheroes, just those monsters, who I'll be giving an Age of Kaiju makeover (in other words, they will no longer be magic). This is a bit of an insane idea, I know, but bare in mind that Marvel's own Doctor Demonicus and his creations will be appearing without any superheroes (though admittedly Doctor Demonicus did face off against Godzilla and was created for Godzilla's Marvel comic). So what do you guys think? Should I go ahead with adding in the DC monsters? I really need your help on this one, so please comment whether or not you think I should do this!
Doctor Demonicus belongs to Marvel
Godzilla belongs to Toho


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