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Spam - Stamp and Long button

:B On this subject I support a certain article

I Guess I'm lucky at the moment, I never received chain letters from this account. On my previous one I received an average of 1 per months. And only once(still on my previous account), I received only one spam of the same repeated comment. :B

As for the self-advertisement... Well it happens regularly. :slow: Especially in notes.

How to use?

1. If you want to use the stamp, only need to copy and paste the thumbcode at the right. :B

2. If you want to use the long button copy and paste the code below.

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

And if you desire to make it even more visible. :B Here is what it would look like.

Copy and paste the code below if you want to use this one instead of the other.

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

An another long-button/stamp I made:
For more of my Stamps/Badges/long buttons [click here].
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I once received a chain letter from one of the DA users, which directed me to a porn site, I have since deleted the letter and blocked the user!

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I hate these type of comments they always say if u post a comment to certain amounts of certain games u get kittens or pink laptops and ur toy talks 
it's fake those won't happen it's IMMPOSSIBLE
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Chain comments and spam of ANY kind are not allowed on my account. If I see them, they will be hidden. No questions asked.
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I really dislike self-advertisement.

"Please like my Facebook page", "I invite you to join my group" (I am not interested in erotic photos of women, why invite me? XD), "I'm working as game developer. Here's a link to my website. We would like to ask if you want to collaborate with us. Please check out our Facebook page too."

I hide those kinds of comments. :lmao: 
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On a stamp I made talking about thanking for faves, one of my friends said that thanking for faves is just a type of self advertisement. I agree with her, and this stamp.
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It always makes me happy to say "you're welcome" to people who thank me o.o
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I hate when somebody come to my page and say 'thanks for fave, please come to see my gallery and watch me'
He didn't looked at my gallery, didn't faved anything and didn't watched me, not that this is important, but normally people that do this lose a potential watcher. Because my reaction is ignoring their gallery.
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how ironic would it be if somebody posted chain-mail on here.
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Thanks for this banner! This will really be helpful! :aww:
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I love this! Thanks for making it :)
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I hate spam and chain letters too. I've actually used this on my front page due to the fact that one of my Watchers (who don't talk to me at all) spammed my page with chain mail. I wasn't too impressed with them. :no:
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wishful thinking . 99,% of internet is a spam  unuseful knowledge . maybe whole net is a spam now . that's why i want no contacts .
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Damn spammers, they're like pigeons shitting on my face!
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Thanks for making this, I keep getting those annoying chain things on my page..Everyone knows that they're fake, so why do that?
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I swear i need this in like my sig for every website i do not get why people do chain letters still i wish i could go back in time and kill the person that first started them. -_-
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Thank you for made this! :dummy:
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