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No Thanks-Stamp-Long button

Edit February 2: I changed the preview image for a stamp and revamped my long button.

I felt like doing this...I decided to do a version of *SparkLum's previous work.

So it contains the famous "Do not thank for the faves", with a "Do not thank for the llama" and a "Do not thank for the watch".

The Llama, Fave :+fav: and :+devwatch: belongs to their owners.

To use the stamp(which is the preview of this long button) simply copy and paste the thumbcode at the right to use it.

To use copy and paste the code below into a Custom box widget or your ID .

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

To use the older version copy and paste the code below into a Custom box widget or your ID .

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

An another long-button/stamp made by me:
For more of my Stamps/Badges/long buttons [click here].
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They never bother to read my bio -_-
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Using. Those "Thanks for the fave" and other similar messages are annoying, and it's really another form of self-advertisement. And comments like them may or may not include some additional things like "Check out my gallery" and other excuses for self-advertisement. No, just no. We don't give a crap what their gallery looks like or what they post. And just because we get watches doesn't mean we have to watch them back, because we will not waste our time watching users with empty galleries or if we feel whatever they post isn't very appealing to us, or if we feel they're hardly active at all.
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Ever think about making one that says thanks for the fave/llama/watch
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"Thanks for the fave/llama/watch" comment is very annoying especially when people keep spamming the comment. It's so rude if they don't read a person's profile page that has "Don't thank me" stamp/button. It's even more rude if they start to insult the person like "I don't care! I do whatever I like. If you don't like it, leave deviantART, stupid!" :saywhatno:  Yeah, I saw that on someone's page. 
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So relatable. I'm like did you even read my profile?
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They should read other person's profile before spamming the annoying comment. I never use any 'Don't thank for the fave' stamp/button. I know some people don't even bother to look at other person's profile.   :sigh: 
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Of course. I've put a comment in my own comments section. Hopefully then they will read it. 
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I used it, it's on my front page.. people are STILL thanking me! i'm about to rage..
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seriously, it's so rude. It just shows that they don't even bother to look at your profile or work, they just scroll all the way down and spam!
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I can understand why people don't like it... I know several people on various art sites who are rather popular artists/commissioners and are very active when it comes to browsing and liking/commenting on art.... they get absolutely FLOODED with "thank you" comments... and when someone is actually trying to talk to them through the comment box... the artists end up digging through page after page after page of nothing but "thank you for the watch" copy and pasted with the occasional "thanks for the watch, your art is really cool too ^_^" ... just to get to the person they were talking to  - Yuki
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Mhmm, I once had something happen to me where I faved several artworks of one particular guy in one day and he posted a thank-you comment for each and every picture. LOL
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YES that's happened to me too :stare:
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UGH people still don't read the stamps it needs to be brighter
redder and BIGGER x.x
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How does one put this in a comment?
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try the thumb code? idk
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I like getting thanked bc it doesn't happen that often, haha!
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I don't see what's so wrong with being thanked. I like being thanked because it shows that the people I favorite from are appreciative.
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