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Mermaid's breach


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Hanging with the owl bear


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Pteranodon but it's an eagle (Paraquilis joeii)

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The Giant Crested Curassow

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Dino Worker 110.......Late

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Plateosaurus Test

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Jurassic Park Style Archaeopteryx Sketch

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Abrictosaurus infographic

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King Kong vs Tyrannosaurus Rex

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The Archosaur Queen's Dominion.

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Vivaxosaurus permirus

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Thought I'll put two drawings

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Swimsuit Kirito

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WWD Gijinka- Iberomesornis

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Carol has Ancient bear Ears!

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Puked by Poseidon


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Megalochoerus homungous

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Giganticluv - Sora


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Smaugust 2020

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Mermaid's breach

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Willy and Roger


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My Drawing Tablet

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Dinosaur News #129

Special volume on pennaraptoran paleontology New Taxa Ankylosaur Sinankylosaurus zhuchengensis (was published in July) Pleistocene-Holocene coot Fulica montanei Pliocene penguin Eudyptes atatu Eocene accipitriform ?Palaeoplancus dammanni Pleistocene owl Tyto maniola Anatomy and New Specimens Differential trabecular bone structure in dinosaurs and mammals Statistical framework for investigating sexual dimorphism in extinct dinosaurs Tail anatomy of Tethyshadros insularis Redescription of Thecodontosaurus antiquus Titanosaur embryo from the Allen Formation Osteology of Daemonosaurus chauliodus Redescription of the skull of Carnotaurus sastrei Expanded sternal ribs in Jeholornis Down feather morphology reflects habitat and thermal conditions in avians Comparative morphology of the avian squamosal Cranial anatomy of Otus murivorus Evolution and Phylogeny Phylogenetic position of silesaurids as ornithischians Rates of dinosaur skull evolution Phylogenetic position of Scelidosaurus

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Home Sweet Home

~ Home Sweet Home ~ Marco x Mina One Shot | Modern AU o.O.o Mina loved Sundays. Not because it was considered a day of rest or because she didn't have to go into work. No, Mina loved Sundays simply because of the way her mornings started. Those first ten minutes resulted in a smile that would not leave her face the whole day. It all started with waking up and feeling a weight pressing down on her stomach, not heavy enough to cause discomfort, but not light enough to go unnoticed either. When her eyes would eventually flutter open, she would look down and see her boyfriend's head resting on her stomach, his eyes shut and his face holding a p


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Chinese Dinosaur names

Leo told me to do this. The basics: Bei- pronounced Bay Un- pronounced Oon Ban- pronounced Bawn Ji- Pronounced Jee Tian- Pronounced Tien An-pronounced awn Long- Pronounced Lung (can be pronounced like the English word long but isn't quite as accurate) Xi-pronounced Shee Ie- pronounced ee-ay Qi- pronounced Chee Xiong- pronounced Shee-ong Da- pronounced Daw Tang- pronounced Tawng Sui- pronounced Sway Quan- pronouced Chuwan He- pronounced huh Zhou- pronounced jow Mei- pronounced May Ask me if you want anything else pronounced


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Random Black Dude


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Hooman Paw Study

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Quality - Shitsu

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The Horseman returns

Native Americans

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13,07,20 - Samurai Armour Study


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Survey Corps Badge

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True Heroes

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Hades reaction meme

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The Rancor

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Corporex #16 The Interview page 1


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ELITE RAPTORS Official Poster

Elite Raptors

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Swifteyes the deinonychus

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Where the Tethys Meets the Arctic

Great Lake Earth

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Comission- Auroran Forest


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View Above the Clouds

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Black Panther Movie Poster

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FireRed and WaterBlue

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Cope's Laramie Taxa


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