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Labocania was a tyrannosauroid dinosaur from Baja California, Mexico, which lived 70 million years ago, in the Campanian stage of the late Cretaceous Period. Like other tyrannosaurs, it had two fingers on each hand, and over 60 sharp teeth the size of daggers in its jaws. The type species, L. anomala, was described by Molnar in 1974. It is to date the only tyrannosauroid known exclusively from Mexico (there is fossil evidence of albertosaurs from Mexico, and even some remains have been described as Tyrannosaurus rex). Labocania is a poorly known and unusual tyrannosauroid and it was formerly believed to have been an abelisaur. The size of this predator is unknown, but it was probably a medium sized carnivore, about 8-10meters long.

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tyrannosaurs:the top predator of creatacious north america.they came in all shapes ands sizes.