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Our Savior? Prologue
He cleared a space on his cluttered desk and placed the memo in the clearing of all the files and other documents. He slipped on his reading glasses and focused. He read:
Date: 28/12/12
It has been a week since the nuclear incident and yet, A few hundred have survived here in Los Angeles. Others have had less luck. The chemical weapon has released a gas that seems (by my observations in past days) to destroy or kill the living cells, but then replaced with a unique cell that keeps the now deceased, in a sense, alive. People call these "zombies" or I heard a rather amusing name, "Freak bags".
After further research into this kind of nervous gas technology in the local library (the remains of the library), I came across several files on Group 935, a secret Nazi organization. It's not the first time I've heard off Group 935; previously I thought the group was a sort of regiment in the Illuminati, although this is only the tip of this extremely terrifying iceberg. Group 935 was a group of
:icondino-mad:dino-mad 2 1
Dwindling Sibling: part 4
Megan awoke the next morning. That was some weird sleep she groaned as she looked at the pile of clothes she left on the floor the night before. She slept in her pyjamas, literately. Her shirt she wore could have been a blanket it was so large and her trousers could barley stay on her hips when she stood up. Megan got up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed; her dainty little feet were reduced into her trousers, about were the top of her shins would be. Her feet were a good 6 inches of the ground. Megan looked down at her feet and groaned; this is unreal! She looked at the clock, 8:48 AM. She smiled and felt a sudden warmth come over her, revenge shall be taken.
Megan jumped down from the bed, her trousers pooled around her ankles. She instinctively covered her privates with her hands, but realised her shirt reached her knees.  It didn't matter anyway; she pulled on the clothes from yesterday and sprayed herself with deodorant. She pulled open the curtains and saw the
:icondino-mad:dino-mad 20 17
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Dwindling Sibling: part 3
5 minutes later, Megan walked back down stairs holding a black Adidas shoe box, wearing her same black leggings and a simple, red t-shirt. She walked into the living room with a smug look on her face,
"Guess what I got," Megan opened the box revealing her new blue mid sneakers. "Steven got then for me, they're some comfortable and they look pretty nice too!"
Holly just smiled; they were the shoes that Holly had had her eye on for awhile, "oh cool…"
Megan took the shoes out of the box and put them on,
"They're a nice, snug fit and they were only 30 quid." She admired her feet, looking at different angles. Megan then sat down on the sofa and noticed her can of drink. "Ah you brought my drink in then."
Megan pick up her drink, she frowned. "I swear there was less than this," Holly held her breath, if she found out now the plan would fall into ruins. "Nah must be me."
Megan took a gulp; she, again, looked confused, but smiled. "This tastes better then I remember." She took another gul
:icondino-mad:dino-mad 25 7
Dwindling Sibling: part 2
Holly slotted the key in her front door lock and turned the key. She then entered the house, slipped her shoes off and closed the door behind her. The clock just struck 1:30 pm as she walked into the house. Holly started to ascend up the stairs. She entered her room and placed the bags on her bed. She then closed the curtains and shut the door and took the two bottles out of the bag. Holly was now very cautious, she has got over the shock of the demonstration earlier and wants to be sure how the stuff works. The Instructions read:
Minimizer, instruction for use:
250ml =full body size
A sip of antidote will restore size
Holly blinked at the label, that's it; she thought to, herself sound easy enough. She stormed down stairs, grabs two tumblers from the cupboard and rushed back up. She placed both glasses on the bedside table and unscrewed the Minimizer, and poured it into the first glass. The red liquid had a scent of fresh berries and apples; she stopped when the glass was a quarter fu
:icondino-mad:dino-mad 23 2


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    So, it's been a long, long while since I showed much activity away from commenting thanks and favoriting art. In short, I lost interest in posting anything in anyway, I felt no urge or drive to want to create anything and the projects that I did begin fundamentally flopped or failed to keep me hooked. However, I have not thrown in the towel on Deviantart yet, as I plan to keep myself entertained these next few weeks by posting at least two more picture (one dinosaur and the other shrinking related) and hopefully the beginnings of another story, although that is a slim chance that it will happen.

    I would also like to address a few things, primarily concerning my apparently popular "Dwindling Sibling" story.

    Dwindling Sibling is very unlikely to return, mainly due to the fact that my personal life got in the way of its writing during the fifth chapter and I always put off going back to it after. I have mentioned the fact that I began the fifth chapter, but honestly I had no idea on where to take the characters and the narrative during this installment, let alone the rest of the story. I also got to a point with the story to which I ended up hating the whole concept and the way I wrote it, which only repelled me further. However, its been well over two years since anything was added and with many people requesting more, I will read through Dwindling Sibling again and asses whether or not I should continue. But for now, don't hold your breaths for part five just yet.

    I actually planned to release several other stories as well as continue on some others, however it became difficult to juggle them and, much like Dwindling Sibling, I gave up on them. Some of these stories had brilliant potential, one of which followed the life of a teenager during the zombie apocalypse, another was a fiction that took place on Isla Sorna between the events of Jurassic Park and The Lost World. I am wanting to revisit these concepts in the near future, as well as continue with Eddy is a Liar as it was meant to have had at least 3 chapters by the release of Black Ops II, but it obviously hasn't.

    I originally planned to have a story to accompany my return to posting, however the story (A shrinking fic following a couple on a birthday with a very special present) has been redrafted several times and again left to collect dust. However I do plan to release it in the foreseeable future as I recently revisited it to actually have it release!

Anyway, I thank you for being patient and also for reading my reasoning why I have been so inactive. See you all soon!


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