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Joe Keener
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I'm just your average internet explorer.
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Tigeradon Weapons
These are some weapons I thought up for my eventually upcoming fictional universe. I'll need to get some better drawing skills before it comes to light. Down below are more in depth descriptions of these weapons.

  • Apache Triple Threat: This helicopter-shaped cannon has a large minigun, 3 rocket launchers and a large circular saw for huge destroying power.
  • Aractrogun: This little gun fires electric nets at foes.
  • Blood Heavifier: This remote makes any blood it hits as heavy as osmium for a short while. Any living being hit with this device will temporarily become much heavier.
  • Boom Spear Rifle: This rifle fires explosive shots. The shots can be charged 
  • Diamond Blinder: This blinged up gun fires concentrated bolts of light to blind targets.
  • Furnace Trialgun: This saw-off shotgun fires strong incendiary bullets.
  • Gravitana: This katana not only decrease the holder's weight, but it can also fire gravity decreasing bolts at distant targets.
  • Handheld Teleporter: This gun fires projectiles that teleport it to wherever they land. Anyone holding the device will also be teleported.
  • High Range Taser: This rifle fires strong electric bolts to stun enemies. The 
  • Hurricane Pipes: This weapon creates hurricanes when somebody blows into the long rod connected to the base. The harder they blow, the larger the hurricane.
  • Inferno Reflector Gauntlet: This massive gauntlet has an energy shield that reflects damage and a sword whip that ignites when swung.
  • Kinefitic Power Wheel: This fidget spinner-sized weapon builds kinetic energy when spun. It explodes when it hits a surface after building enough energy.
  • Kinetic Doom Ball: This spiked ball builds kinetic energy as it bounces around. When it builds up enough energy, it explodes 10 times before breaking.
  • Laser Eye Sunglasses: Press the button on the left lens to fire lasers.
  • Mega Gatling Tank: 9 Miniguns in 1 vehicle. What more can I say?
  • Mega Gravity Gauntlets: Like the Gravity Hammer, these gauntlets release strong gravity bursts when swung, their strength increasing the harder their swung. They can also be slammed together for insane gravity bursts.
  • Microwave Boombox: These timed devices don't just cause fiery explosions, they also release massive amounts of electricity.
  • Mighty Ultratank: This tank has 4 rocket launchers and 4 miniguns. If the situation isn't going well, the control pod also opens easily so you can split.
  • Pocket Flare Cannon: This gun is a flare gun on steroids.
  • Shot Rifle: This shotgun has the tightest bullet spread of any shotgun on the market.
  • Shyperium: This strange substance gradually increase the strength of whoever holds it. If they have any superpowers, they also become stronger. Beware, however, holding it too long may cost you your life.
  • Super Turbine Missile Launcher: This really heavy gauntlet fires 12 missiles at a time. If its out of ammo, it makes a fantastic bludgeoning weapon.
  • Tankagronic Armor: This armor gives the wearer hefty protection, 2 powerful gatling gauntlets and 2 powerful shoulder cannons.
  • Ultrasonic Screamer: This megaphone turns screams into highly destructive energy. Louder sounds mean more power.

Magic Snowflake Demo
This is a picture I made using the Magic Snowflake frame from Funny.Pho.To. Here, you upload up to 13 pictures to be put into a large snowflake. Here, I decided to add 12 types of cookies and a glass of milk.
Church Snowman Ornament
This is a snowmanornament I made at a church party. I put paper mache inside a plastic bulb and glued pipe cleaners to the top. The snowman's face and the hot glue dots surrounding it were added beforehand.


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