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Hard Softy PS Brush

My infamous Hard Softy brush is now on Gumroad
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*Also available to my 

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My favorite brush, the Hard Softy. So named because it has a hard edge on one side, and a smooth gradient on the other. Great for quickly painting cloth, muscles, and lots more! Works with all versions of photoshop. Best used with Angle Dynamics set to "Pen Tilt." If your current tablet does not allow that feature, try setting Angle Dynamics to Direction, or just change it manually in the brush tip shape menu.

Wonderful addition to any brush set (=

*Pro tip- Check the "Flip X" box in the brush tip shape menu and save out a second HardSofty for different angles. 

Why do I sell single brushes instead of my complete set?

Every uses same speed paint brush set these days. Uploading my whole set would probably have some duplicates. I also don't like changing out entire sets to paint a trees or get traditional looking textures.

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Awesome brush! Definitely recommend it! ^^I am a dummy! 
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Any examples of the brush being used, kinda hard to visualize. Thanks!
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The brush was used to make the image. It's all the rainbow colours, one side is hard the other soft.
I use it all the time on my twitch streams if that helps, cheers!
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I assumed as much but I can't really envision the stroke based off that. I will try and check out your Twitch. Thanks
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I think when I post the other brushes it will be more clear (=
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HardSofty! Good brush! See you on the next stream.
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Hey cheers Brad!
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