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FA: Dark Elf

Do you enjoy lurking in the shadows, picking locks, and duel wielding daggers? Then Training with the Dark Elf is for you! She is the secret character in Faulty Apprentice! (oh come on, everyone has seen her in game by now XD) 

Faulty Apprentice demo:…

In a world of Magic, Monsters and Mystery, you are the Faulty Apprentice!
Faulty Apprentice is a comedy dating sim with RPG elements. You take on the role of an ordinary farm boy that left home seeking a glorious apprenticeship. You have had a couple jobs, in fact, you have had a lot, more than you can count. Why do you keep getting fired? If you can't hold an apprenticeship at this castle, there is nowhere left!

Is a lifetime of failure leading the Apprentice to a greater purpose? Or will he fail in a blaze of glory like always? Perhaps with your help and some new friends, you can turn this Faulty Apprentice into a true hero!

Take a tour of the Castle Online now! (No download necessary!)
Faulty Apprentice Castle Tour
*Internet connection may affect game speed.

Faulty Apprentice Main Characters:
FA: Archery Instructor by dinmoneyFA: Sword Instructor by dinmoneyFA: Magic Instructor by dinmoneyFA: Apprentice by dinmoneyFA: Alchemist by dinmoneyFA: Commander by dinmoney

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...very nice, love this version as well as the outfit you put her in.