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The Lippizaner calendar in the background is awesome!!
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Nice work on your expressive faces!

+1 for sexy Peach. Everyone loves sexy Peach!
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always diggin your stuff dude very inspirational
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hey thanks man! glad to hear that (=
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Looking good man, and your art is pretty good either Added to my devWatch! 
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Thanks dude (=
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That's the way they became the Brady Bunch!!! 
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I guess Genji would be the problem child then =P
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Oh gods, the artist's ultimate challenge. Welp, time for my usual set up!
Please select your artist!
*plays Naoto Kurogane theme*
Dead or Alive!
Rebel 1...
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hahahahhahahah Woooo!!! XD
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You have awesome art style! Clap :D (Big Grin) La la la la 
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Thanks! Glad you like it (=
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U always got alot of cool designs ^^ 
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Thanks man, happy to hear that (=
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This picture is like Megaman games, in that the art created by the artist are the 8 bosses, and the artist in the center is the final boss.
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hahhahaha chiiiilll
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Nice artwork dude.
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thank you sir (=
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I see the similarity in the eyes!
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