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This is something special, but not just because of its beauty. This image shows the evolution of mandelbrot tree structures. On the far right (almost not visible in the image) the tree has only few branches. The trees next to it have more and more branches, although they all appear twice. The tree in the center has an s-shape. In this image you can see exactly the intermediate steps before reaching the s-shape. This is the evolution of the S with tree-structure in one single image!

Another interesting aspect of this image it that the overall shape seems to approach the shape of a very well-known julia set:…
Conjecture: when the method to create this structure is iterated infinitely, the overall shape approaches the shape of a julia set.

To find this shape in high-density locations it's almost impossible to work with fractal extreme because of the depth and iteration count. Therefore I have started to use kalles fraktaler. For exploring at great depths, kalles fraktaler is better at the moment, especially since it now renders from center -> outwards.

Why is this a prototype?
Usually it happens that the images that I post here are not original discoveries. I optimize and tweak my method to find a particular shape, then apply the method to a few different, more interesting locations to see how it turns out there and then decide where to make the final render. As you may be able to tell, this one is in the needle, which is the most efficient location to explore, but not always the most beautiful location to make final renders of structures. I'm too exited about this shape not to publish it already, so I made a gradient and rendered it. I want to make another render of this shape in a different part of the mandelbrot set, accompanied with nice structures.

Coming soon: the same shape in a different part of the mandelbrot set. Now possible to make in a reasonable time thanks to mr. Flay!
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It's stunning.