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Parallel evolution



Mandel Machine, Mandelbrot set

I have been able to extend the zoom method used for "Evolution of trees" to be able to do MUCH more! Hopefully I can make more renders for a while now. Also I can't wait for the promised Mandel machine update which would give it arbitrary zoom depth and Pauldelbrot's glitch detection algorithm.

Parallel evolution refers to what is going on technically in the zoom method. Basically, evolution of trees had an "error" which caused all the shapes to appear in pairs of two (which originally I didn't want), but I found that the cause of it is that there are simply two rows of shapes which can be manipulated separately! I didn't realize that before. That means we can now have, so to say, parallel evolution lines in one shape.

Even better: this can be extended to more than just two. The only difficulty present is that those shapes lie at ridiculous depths. Since perturbation, the patience required to perform the actual zooming exceeds the patience required to sit trough the render time.

Re = -1.76893852196162866232913272174651812211375855953142166494934806348393251001753312790521558162720496673840961742929525898392480097516741602296745678571239776899772713991149241989390636889897652947212611234485549867941881225882869272742226582689916763913250056105782813225823973694454058560192322197669382409732677168940204809256
Im = 0.00283024452997144177363798354216474791454299287519103133102120111940094688883587061798090121922341180630474583284444593505689515886069478467899126927820796840459774407836450849332591774744267120960112789423535452999756119644655234943441627388310057141849803508891422998221927001498440210429589603645602871007287670148492126643

4.0480450661462123670499069343783 E323
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Wow!!! Awesome evolution! I like fractal geometry!!!