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Dragon Age Inquisition: Prologue
Swirls of green, laced with an almost translucent hint of gold, like stardust or the thin veil between dreams and waking. It could almost be beautiful, like watching colours twine underwater, only this was under skin and hot as though she had faced her hand toward an open fire to stave off the heat. Instead it suffused her palm, crept up her arm to wind around her elbow, raced along the beating of her heart to spread into her chest an undeniable feeling of raw, primal power.
Abigail stared at her hand as though it were simply not a part of her body anymore and for a fearful moment thought she had woken from the nightmare she was having. The dream was relentless and cruel – what had started as a simple excursion to witness the Conclave, the guidance of the Chantry regarding the war that waged between mages and Templars still, had ended in an explosion of light and now this odd, alien feeling that crawled beneath her skin…
Such an odd dream…
And then the
:icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 4 5
Chapter One by Dinky-Mew
Mature content
Chapter One :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 6 1
Mass Effect Two Chapter One by Dinky-Mew
Mature content
Mass Effect Two Chapter One :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 7 4
Hobbs and Foster completed work by Truman!! by Dinky-Mew Hobbs and Foster completed work by Truman!! :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 6 3 Ilos Epilogue by Dinky-Mew
Mature content
Ilos Epilogue :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 10 12
Hobbsy! by Dinky-Mew Hobbsy! :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 3 10 Ilos Chapter Seven by Dinky-Mew
Mature content
Ilos Chapter Seven :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 9 9
Ilos Chapter Six by Dinky-Mew
Mature content
Ilos Chapter Six :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 10 5
Mature content
Ilos Chapter Five :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 7 5
Castiel in armour for Nev by Dinky-Mew Castiel in armour for Nev :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 4 12
Ilos Chapter Four
Title: Ilos Chapter Four
Authors: DinkyMew and Jagespages
Game: Mass Effect (one)
Disclaimed: Bioware own all content and characters related to the Mass Effect franchise. Abigail Shepard is my own creation inspired by the character of Jane Shepard created by Bioware. Any original characters contained herein are my own creations (with the exception of Vindex Foster who is the sole property of Julie Jones and the Swagger Vasa Chronicles) and are not necessarily affiliated with Bioware. **You may not copy, edit or distribute this fanfiction as it stands without my expressed permission – thank you**
“How the hell did you get the Mako through?” Everyone snapped to attention when Shepard appeared, trudging towards them, her boots making a swishing noise through the grass. She came to a stop looking at them each in turn before turning her attention to Garrus.
“Report Vakarian.” She said, wiping a hand over her forehead absently.
Quickly Garrus fill
:icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 8 10
Stranded - Brothers in Arms Final Chapter by Dinky-Mew
Mature content
Stranded - Brothers in Arms Final Chapter :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 4 3
Mature content
Ilos Chapter Three :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 8 3
Stranded - Brothers in Arms Chapter Three by Dinky-Mew
Mature content
Stranded - Brothers in Arms Chapter Three :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 2 3
Mature content
Ilos Chapter Two (2) :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 7 5
Stranded - Brothers in Arms Chapter Two by Dinky-Mew
Mature content
Stranded - Brothers in Arms Chapter Two :icondinky-mew:Dinky-Mew 4 4


Gamba by aerococonut Gamba :iconaerococonut:aerococonut 54 7 The Center Never Changed by Sephirona The Center Never Changed :iconsephirona:Sephirona 648 25 Cullen xTrevelyan Commission # 1 by Qissus Cullen xTrevelyan Commission # 1 :iconqissus:Qissus 773 33
Halam'shivanas - Chapter 1
A/N: What would happen if Inquisitor Lavellan had a sister? A sister that is her complete opposite in terms of personality, but in the eyes of Ellana, is more beautiful in terms of apperance? A sister that one day shows up at Haven, and becomes part of the Inquisition on the whims of her sister? A sister that is so afraid to loose her to the Inquisition that she cries herself to sleep every night?
This is the story of Ellana Elenvaul, First to the Lavellan Clan, and her big sister, Naida, the clan's best hunter and their struggle to realize that even though blood is thicker than water, they sometimes need a push to remember it.

The ruckus in the chantry hallway was so loud that it made concentrating on the map impossible. Even thinking seemed impossible and Ellana pushed herself away from the war table with a sigh. She never seemed able to find enough peace and quiet to actually figure out whether it was more appropriate to approached the mages or the templars.
"You are not a
:iconmarquite:Marquite 8 8
Halam'shivanas - Chapter 5
Ellana knocked on Solas's door, waiting impatiently for him to open it. The cold winds in the mountains had intensified as the evening had progressed and she shivered where she was standing. Having taken a bath before stepping outside might not have been her brightest idea, but she had needed time to think things over.
She had thought a lot about Cole. And Naida. And she had come to realize that she felt a similar pain in both of them, a pain that could resemble a desire to belong. The people of Haven had accepted Ellana soley on the fact that she was the Herald of Andraste, no matter how many times she had denied it. But Naida hadn't been so lucky and Ellana had heard more than one person whisper about that dirty knife-ear who had come with the sole purpose of corrupting their Herald. They hadn't taken into consideration Naida in some ways actually were the reason that she could cope with the whole religious thing.
She had a similar feeling with Cole, that he just wanted
:iconmarquite:Marquite 7 6
- Cullen - by Anathematixs - Cullen - :iconanathematixs:Anathematixs 890 64
Mass Effect fanfiction: Lonely Heart - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – Disaster
The trip to their last target seemed to be just as uneventful as the whole mission had been—they would arrive into the orbit, do some scanning, land the Mako if deemed necessary and be done with it in a few hours. Garrus closed is toolkit and leaned on one of Mako's wheels. As frustrating as their fruitless geth-hunt had been so far, at least he wasn't back at C-Sec banging his head on the byrocratic walls the system had set up. And spending time with Shepard and her crew definitely beat hauling criminals into cells around Citadel. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the wheel—he really liked it here.
"Brace for evasive manoeuvres!" Joker's voice came over the intercom suddenly and Garrus felt the cargo deck lurch under his feet.
"What the...?" Garrus thought grabbing a hold the vehicle that was too heavy to be shaken by the jumping of the ship. The cargo hold didn't have any viewports so he had no idea what was going on
:icondionnejinn:DionneJinn 46 38
Mature content
You Can't Take The Sky From Me (Chapter 4) :icondeadlybruin:DeadlyBruin 6 13
Mass Effect 3 alternate ending Awakening part 1
It was finally over. She had finished her battle with the Reapers, and with her final sacrifice the universe would be eternally safe.
"I don't need anything else", Shepard though as her consciousness faded away, "It's fine this way. I'll miss them all, but it's fine this way."
She smiled, and then everything went black. There was no more pain, no more fear and no more regrets. Her mission was over, she had won. And with that in mind, Shepard welcomed death like an old friend...
Suddenly the soothing emptiness was breached by a wave of images. Blinding lights, strange figures and locations, rushed through her mind too fast for her to recognize.  It was an armada of information that was trying to tear her head apart. And little by little that force managed to tear away the darkness surrounding her. The light shining through the holes in the darkness impaled her like spears, and the sudden vastness of the outside world felt terrifying. She didn't want to leave this place; she be
:iconreissumiessf:ReissumiesSF 21 0
Mark Strong as Zaeed by thavengersinitiative Mark Strong as Zaeed :iconthavengersinitiative:thavengersinitiative 43 5 Green Arrow - CG Painting by Kc-Eazyworld Green Arrow - CG Painting :iconkc-eazyworld:Kc-Eazyworld 237 9 Stephen Amell by artistamroashry Stephen Amell :iconartistamroashry:artistamroashry 413 136 Stephen Amell by B1da Stephen Amell :iconb1da:B1da 173 55 John Stone by jht888 John Stone :iconjht888:jht888 22 18 Arrow (Stephen Amell) drawing by Saxa-XCII Arrow (Stephen Amell) drawing :iconsaxa-xcii:Saxa-XCII 332 59 A Painting of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter by jht888 A Painting of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter :iconjht888:jht888 473 157


Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 18, 2015, 12:33 PM

Someone once told me that people are just like sharks. Sharks will live happily alongside each other until they smell blood, and the minute they do they will rip each other apart in a frenzy.

I don't bleed in public. It gives people too much opportunity to tear me apart, and this, my friends has been why I have had such a long, silent absence from DeviantART.

I come back, and no doubt everything has moved on, everything has changed and it will take me some time to find my feet, my style and what I want to write about (maybe some DragonAge Inquisition fanfictions to begin with!)

So where have I been?

I have been awash in the black pit of grief, loss and then through the arid desert of writing a dissertation for my final year.

In all truthfulness writing has been painful. I lost my best friend in the summer, but she was more than that, she was a guiding light and unwavering support for my writing, my imagination and more so my soul.

She died, from cancer, and I could not be there.

So writing has not been the same since, I've found it hard to put words together, hard to even think like I used to because writing was what brought me and my friend together, held us together and that connection goes beyond even death. I have our work, I will continue it and one day get it published like I promised.

But the silence, the absence from this community is not doing me any good and so I would like to announce my return to DeviantART.

I'm going to spend a good few weeks mosying around, seeing what people are writing about nowadays and then might try my hand at a few things. Key interests for me lately include: The Walking Dead - I'm keen to start some kind of fanfiction for this. DragonAge Inquisition - because Cullen just has to be brough to life in fanfiction! The Order, which was a very short game but had legs for potential fanfics (although will require another playthrough to get the story 100% straight in my head!).

I'm looking forward to getting caught up with what people have been writing! Looking forward to some gooooood reading!

Keep smiling people - when it gets dark enough, you can see the stars!

  • Listening to: Ella Henderson
  • Reading: The Integration of Health and Social Care
  • Watching: Judge Rinder (Don't Ask!)
  • Playing: DragonAge Inquisition
  • Eating: Crisps
  • Drinking: Coke


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