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UH-1H Huey AE-424

Ex U.S Army maisto toy ,repainted, under the ¿sun?

we are waiting by possible snow and rain this night. Isn´t cold. No wind neighter, so is a quite probable...

The AE-424 arrived to Argentina in oct 10th 1978, and was sent to the Malvinas islands in 23th april 1982 some days after the Argentine armed recovery ( april 2th ) in the C-130H TC-65. Escaped from a couple of Harriers Gr.3 with other similar machines unlike the chinook AE-521 and the Puma AE-501 at May 21th. Saved a pilot of A-4Q, ejected over the sea the same day. Was part of a rescue force for the commandos near San Carlos ( Bluff Cove). Carried ammo and supplies for the argentine forces in Darwin and Goose Green at May 28th and was used as CSAR in Darwin the same day. Deployed commandos in mount Kent and recovered other group in Big Mountain at May 29th. Escaped from a section of Sea Harriers thanks to the warning of a TPS-43 radar at June 5th.
June 6th: landed in middle of a combat between Argentine marines and the SAS members, evacuating some of them with the help of the AE-418 and AE-422.
Finally was captured at the end of the war at 14th june 1982 by the british forces, used some months by the Malvinas Goverment ( Falklands Islands Goverment Air Service - FIGAS for the britishs ) as VP-FBD and then sent to England in 1985 and registred as G-BMLA in january 17th 1986. Was sell to Australia as VH-UHE in september of 1988 and FINALLY (phew) sell to the Papua New Guinea Defense Force in 1992 where still flies as P2-405 ( ! )

That is a very very active service life. And still continues!

I did it ith the yellow identiffication bar applied to the argentine helciopters in malvinas after may 2th of 1982
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quedo muy bien :3
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fue facil de convertir x3 muchas gracias!
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Army men: Air attack
para el PSX :3
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algo me mostró :iconpicoletor: =3
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:wow: Quite a decent story for one helicopter!
Thanks- I really like reading such facts :thumbsup:

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I've taken the liberty of using some of the info in your explanation to enhance the entry for AE-424 on my Captured Wings Wiki.…
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