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It's finals weekend for me so I couldn't find time to dedicate a decent picture for the 20th year that pokemon has been out. Just wanted to say happy birthday to pokemon!! :) (got my swags ready from the pokemoncenter store online, heehee!! The t-shirts are so pretty!!… ) The logo is incredible, love how it included ALL the starters!!

I am SO HYPED for Pokemon Sun and Moon. I always love new pokemon adventures, even though I might complain about certain pokemon designs/ changes like the mega-evolution. But this just means that there are just more and new exciting pokemon for all of us to discover! 

Since I will be done with finals this coming Thursday, I thought I would do a late 20th pokemon celebration by doing a small raffle! Just comment below of your favorite pokemon and a pose, and I will choose 1-3 people (depending on how many people commented) and draw their favorite pokemon with that pose!! 

Train on!!
This portion will NOT contain spoilers :)

Wow! This movie was very beautifully done! I would recommend everyone to go watch it on the big screens to appreciate how much detail and work they have put into this movie! The visuals were stunning!! I feel like this is definitely one of those more "experiencing" movies where it would make a difference if you watch it on a big screen vs small screen! 

This portion WILL contain spoilers >u<

Man! Hopefully if you are reading this section, you have already finished watching the movie!! What did you guys think about the movie? AND the short film?? I have to be honest, at the beginning of the movie, I wasn't so sure where the movie was taking the viewers. The plot almost felt a bit lost/ a bit forced to get into the groove (might just be me), but once it got rolling (which to be honest, I felt like took a bit longer than it could), it was so good! There were very little dialogue in the movie, but the emotions were shown through a lot of actions, which was really cool. I also just love the ranching t-rexs vuv they were so funny. AND OMG, let's not forget the fricking pterodactyl as sharks of the sky scene were amazing too!! I honestly liked it more than Inside Out. I feel more touched/ related to the Good Dinosaur than the human emotions movie xDD 

Let me know what you like/ dislike about the movie!! :) 
Opening up $5 (or more if you would like to donate more) Chibis to raise awareness for Human Trafficking

All proceeds will go to Free The Captives:…

Examples of Chibi: 

How this works:
1. Note me your character that you would like me to draw
2. Either donate by yourself through the website (they take paypal!!) and then forward me the copy of your receipt
OR you can pay me through paypal and I will donate for you and maybe other commissioners together (I will also give you a receipt)
3. Then I will start drawing /o/ 
H.. happy 2015 guys ;;7;;// hahaha, I THOUGHT I already made a journal, wishing everyone a good 2015... but apparently not. I realized I can become such an air head during winter break :iconoelplz: But I hope everyone's having a more productive start of the new year than me vuv"" ahaha. 

But I actually will be pretty free this semester, so hopefully I will get back up from my lazy ass and do productive and fun art things >: D 

WOOT! HERE I FINALLY COME 2015~~~... 13 days later. 

I know I have been SO INACTIVE on dA and just online in general > <"" Sorry, I was really busy with my job and application to schools. But I recently heard back from one of my top choice schools, so I am planning a trip to Japan after my graduation (end of May to beginning of June, 2015) for celebration!! 

I was wondering if anyone have any advice on a self-planned Japan tour trip and if that is advised. I have been to Japan before, with tour groups, but this time, I really want to go to Otaku or anime fan hot spots and just chill, instead of heavily sight-seeing. I have not yet decided how long I will be in Japan, but definitely no more than one week. Does anyone know where are good resources to look up planning an anime-fan trips or if you have done trips like this before and can give advice? How do you plan for transportation? What are some must-go-to places?

I will definitely visit the Pokemon Center, and I really want to visit the Ghibli museum, of course, there is Akihabara (but HOW do I tour this place and what places is a MUST for visits?). Does anyone know what cool events might be happening during that time? I would really like to see a Vocaloid concert (or any cool concerts actually), but I know that depends on the dates. If you have any input, no matter how small, please let me know! 

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"Are you an otaku?" He asked. My research mentor who happened to be from Osaka, Japan asked.

Perhaps it was because of my anime desktop picture. Perhaps it was because of my Black Cat anime opening ringtone. Perhaps it was because of my phone charm being that of a pokemon. Perhaps it was because of my phone background being a Gintama picture. Perhaps it was because I doodle little anime characters in my lab notebook. Perhaps it was because I was wearing a pokemon shirt. Perhaps it was because I said I enjoy watching animations. 

My research mentor who happened to be from Osaka asked, "Are you an otaku?" as he peered over my shoulder to see me on deviantArt looking through :iconyuristorm:'s freaking adorable fluffy characters. 

It was a trick question. He knows I don't know Japanese, and if I wasn't an otaku, I probably would not know what otaku means. There was a long silence as I know being an otaku is, well, let's be honest, is sort of frowned upon in mainstream Japanese media. Also, who KNOWS what my mentor thinks about otakus? 

Therefore, as I screamed internally, I only casually turn around and asked, "What's that?" Even though I know I have countless urges to call him "sensei" or say "Sayonara" as I leave lab for the day. But ah-HA, I was too smart for his trick question, so I asked a question back at his question.

There was a long pause as  he tried to explain. That was normal, his English is not very good and he often pauses and think of the sentence before he speaks. But this was a very, very long and to be honest, a bit uncomfortable pause. "Ah-- som.. someone who loves *some japanese words, I'm guessing probably anime* a lot."

"Oh. I see. Well, I mean, I just like art. In general. You know." I answered, shrugging my shoulder like it's no big deal.

Then my fricking phone rang and the Black Cat anime opening started playing.

I swear. I feel like I'm living in an anime right now.  
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:iconsparklesplz: Wishlist for :iconpokimono: :iconyeyplz:

:bulletgreen: Masato… enjoying watching the first snow fall with his girlfriend Akako…

:bulletred: Modern Zen… decorating a Christmas tree

:bulletgreen: Sachi… and Kuro… praying for a good new year at the temple (they are both priests) 
Many of you guys know that I am obsessed with charizard, and it's my favorite pokemon.
So now let's talk about the Mega evolutions of charizards in X and Y. If you don't know what I'm talking about visit And if you don't want spoilers, then don't read .__.

I like charizard nonetheless and the mega evolution really shuldn't bother my love for charizard, as it is a mega form, and not... a charizard form. But now it has X AND Y form. I don't know. Two forms for every starter pokemon just like mewtwo?? I could see why they would want a legendary like mewtwo have two forms, but now starters too?? I'm sure charizard won't just be the ONLY one. 
I suddenly understand why they introduced charizard Y first, well, BECAUSE it is a more conservative design. It basically still LOOKS like a charizard. I know a lot of people are super physched about charizard X because of its awesome dual typing of FINALLY fire and dragon as it always should've been cough cough, and that now it takes on its shiny color form... but <A< really? I hate to say it, but it looks like a freaking Black-Kyurem, especially with its blue fire around its mouth. And what would its shiny form look like then? Orange??

I just don't know. I always loved the non-shiny charizard of awesome orangeness. And just... this is probably the most drastically changed mega-evolution that we have seen so far, with all the reverse of color also!! I just.. someone please hold me as this sinks in. What do you think? How do you like it and are you excited for the other starters' x and y form? I just thought... TWO FORMS is... A LOT. .___. 

Oh, and what we love the most from pokemon red and blue is totally mega pokemons. Mega pokemons in Pokemon Origin? I sudden realized why they made pokemon origin... so they can showcase the megas. :iconsulkplz: I really don't want to be a hater, I really AM SO excited for X and Y. But two forms and changing sooooo much of charizard's appearance in form X (which is the game a pre-ordered) really makes me feel sad. 
I GOT A 3DS!!! Tis a GLORIOUS DAY!!! :iconsparklesplz:

Add me to your friend list /o/ I'm: 4313-0621-7427
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First time PEDICURE

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 21, 2012, 5:21 PM
OMG!! So I went for my first time pedicure this past Thursday.. Just for well, I'm a grown woman now, and I have heard many of my friends went before, so I was just curious. Is it THAT fabulous to get a pedicure? .. the answer?

:iconmegustaplz: yes, yes it was.

pffft, I feel like a frickin princesss :iconkiralaughplz: My toe nails are all kira kira clean, and well.. it was really nice. The chair I was sitting on was like those massage chair too! I was all like.. :iconamgplz: I've been missing out. Though it IS quiet pricey for having your toe nails painted, I agree, but I guess you go for more of the experience of relaxing than anything else.Though it was kind of awkward when they even put your shoes on for me, it's all like.. no,.. it's okay, please don't kneel.. oh.. there goes my shoe being put onto my feet.. oh, there goes another one. XDD
Don't know if I ever want to get a pedicure again, it was nice, yes, but well... idk, I don't really paint my own nails anyway. So :iconmingplz:

Pedicure experience: achieved.

Moving on with life.

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This is a three part documentary covering on human sex trafficking business. I, like many people, have heard about this kind of trafficking and vaguely know about it. However, after watching this documentary, I realized that how shallow my understanding of the basis and the whole trafficking business is. I was so very naive.
This is a very new documentary, I watched it in a pre-screening at my church. I live in a big city where there are sex trafficking happen, and we have an organization that partnered up with our church to help the rescued girls to educate and heal them. So don't worry about the authenticity of this film. Well, yes, like many other documentaries, this target the audiences' emotional state by covering a very touchy subject: prostitution. However, if you want to learn more, you always should research more on the subject.

Here is the trailer:…
You can learn more about it on their official site:

I would really recommend you to watch this documentary because well, it is just very informative.


well, as they say: It's your choice whether to look away from this issue or not, but now you know.
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SO I got sorted into Slytherin, and it is OFFICIAL!! LOLOL I was sooooo sooo surprised, because all the other quiz i took before said I was hufflepuff or Gryffindor, so well.. yeup. It was quiet unexpected.
BUT OH MAN!! Pottermore is soooo coool!! Add me!! I'm DustLight3941.
kasdjfnalkdsfnkdsf I want to know which house YOU are sorted in and what kinda wands and pets did you get!! TELL MEEE

I have a screech owl, and my wand is a 13 inch Spruce with Pheonix cord and it's Pliant. So if you are too lazy to look up what they mean, it basically means that my wand has it's own characteristic and will do its own shit vuv.

So, so... do tellllllll~~ I'm sooo nerdding out on this!! So much fun!! :heart::heart:


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:iconfriendlymushroomplz: OMG OMG OMG!!!! I'M SOOOOO HAPPY!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!

中華民國萬歲!!!! 中華民國加油!!!!!

lol.. feel like I'm doing a propaganda or something ... BUT COME'ON!!!! It's the 100th year!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!

雙十國慶!!…;:) National anthem (music only)

National anthem Rock version with aph Taiwan-chan~~ >w<…

Sorry, this one you need to be fluent in chinese to understand.. news prodcast of the show in front of the President's... house (basically like the white house in U.S... but it's not white and stuff):…
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Below is a sort of story + rant:

So as I was saying, I'm in Taiwan right now. And I went to this part of the underground mall in Taipei where MANY MANY anime things gathered there. Ah~~ it was like :iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz: in my face. It was so beautiful :iconsobeautifulplz:. There were many Otaku places,.. like many many figurings of... well, naked or almost naked girls, but there are also AWESOME figurings like.. like FMA or One Piece, all at a very reasonable price. There were also MANY MANY manga and magazines, and even Fan fics/ manga in sell :D... too bad most of them were in Japanese~~ Or else I'll totally buy them. There are also many anime related items, like bags, posters, and many many more~~ I was in an awesome mode~~ :iconlalalaplz: I also got an Empoleon Plushie at a pretty good price, so I was sooo happy.

As I walk through the many small stores, I got hungry and tired.. and I was almost at the end of the underground mall. What remained were 1 butler cafe and 2 maid cafe. At first I thought the butler cafe was a  teddy bear store, because the door is closed and the window is full of teddy bears, and the walls were ALL pink. So I moved on, and passed one small window that happens to be open... .. :iconreactionplz: guys in butler uniform, with a catnip thingy ... and I looked away thinking ... "well, THAT was something." I went on, trying to find a bathroom and saw 2 maid cafe. They were more OKAY to me.. because .. well, I don't know, I have been staring at maid and almost not wearing anything figures all day, some girls in maid outfit really is something small... plus, I'm a girl. So yeah. Then I got the notion that will be the biggest mistake of my life....

Hey, why not go into the butler cafe to check it out, this is not an everyday experience, so, I mean, why not??

Yeah, so I opened that big pink door and goes in. And a butler man quickly walks out, he was tall, so when I stare in front, I see his teeth. And the first thing that crossed my mind was that :iconwthplz: man... this man need some dental care. I thought he will say something like "Welcome! Lady" .. .. MAN WAS I WRONG!!!! :iconprussiaplz: (( below I will write in chinese since.. he talked in chinese and try to translate what he said to me as best as possible))

"大姐您突然闖進來,在下實在是不知所措" (("My Lady, this man really does not know how to feel when you suddenly barged in like this))

Remember, I am like... younger than he is, and he was talking in this super soft voice... I was going to ask him for the menu, just to check if it's too expensive for me or something, and after hearing that, I was all like

:iconreactionzoomplz: :iconreactionzoomplz: :iconreactionzoomplz: :iconreactionzoomplz: :iconreactionzoomplz:

... ........................................

And I ran out screaming

there. That's my awesome experience =A="
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Of course, donation is the first thing to help. But there are some other steps that you can help with relief for Japan. Here are somethings that you may want to follow.
This is translated from :iconwelovetaiwan:'s blog in Chinese. If you can read Chinese, please just go to the blog page since it will be easier. Also, I didn't translate the whole thing because some of them only applies to people living in Taiwan.

1.  Please avoid going onto Japanese websites since the earthquake destroyed many under water lines, so their internet will be slow. Plus, we should give the japanese website for the japanese to use for communication and such.

2. Please don't upload the earthquake pictures to pixiv. It's for a good cause and trying to help, yes, but so far it only upsets some Japanese more than comfort them. Many Japanese have already expressed their frustration and anger from the tag of the picture.

3. People who use skype to communicate with their family in the U.S., please minimize its use, so that there are more power space (or whatever internet word for it) for the Japanese people who are worried about their family there.

4. Please donate straight towards the red cross for Japan, because I think the red cross here will take away 2% for handling (for the taiwan red cross)

5. There are already news about people trying to trick donators into donating to them instead of Japan. Please be careful to which organization you donate becuase there are fake ones out there already.

6. Japanese Google have a finder app.… (of course, please don't go there unless you are trying to find someone)

7. Japan has required their convinient store to give out free water, bathroom place and public transportation informationl. But not food nor shelter yet.

Thank you for reading, and please forgive my poor translation.
Pray for Japan. There are still many after quakes that gets as high as 7.1 and tsunami (small ones) are still there, plus they have nuclear power plants issues (the cooler no longer works) please help.
Please also pray for China, they also had a 5.6 earthquake a few days ago. Many people died too due to building collapse

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For those of you who celebrate it:
It's the 辛卯兔年 or Sing Mau Rabbit Year!! :iconbunearyplz:
Hope you guys have a great year! I'm off to celebrating with some awesome chinese food!

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HEY GUYS!! so imma in Taiwan now, so that means I won't be uploading a xmas pic nor a new years pic in time D:!! because i have no such scanners or stuff here, so yeah... haha, but i'll be back active! YEAH!! Oh, btw, i got into a college!!! YESSS... which is why im in taiwan now... lol

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His/her name is associated with mashumaromitaina fuwafuwanyanko
A picture of this sanrio cat character:…
Anybody? Anybody knows who this is? and what's its name? It's my Favorite Sanrio character... but it's not even in the wiki Sanrio character list, so I have no idea who this is. All I know is that sometimes I see it in the store. I have pencils of this character on it, and some envolope paper. But, I don't understand Japanese and such, so I dunno where I can find more stuff related to it ;A; Please help me, i really wanna buy more items related to this kawaii character!!

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lol! I really enjoyed it, and I loved the plot. There's so many hidden jokes in their... and Megamind's accent is just so funny!! XD He pronounce things wrong, like, ALWAYS. and Titan... he was one stupid guy, spelling his name "tighten" lol!!! Anyways, I enjoyed it, and trust me, it's better than like... Despicable Me. I mean, that was good, but it was too generic. Unlike Megamind XDD. Anywyas, hope you guys will go see it too!!! yeah.. i know it just came out yesterday... hahaha!!

:iconmegamindplz::iconsaysplz: Yeah!! Come see me!! I need positive feedbacks!! Don't make me dehydrate you into some cubes!!

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hey~~~ Wanna learn more about me? :iconhurrplz:
no, seriously, though... tagged by :iconblackberrystar25:
Yes, another tagged one, that's becasue I'm soooo popular *hair flip*
You: no you're not!!!

cough, cough... let's go right on to the taggy thing, now, okay?


1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Choose friends to tag and place their icons on this page.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.


1. I know martial arts-- Kung Fu so don't mess with me, baby!
2. I like to eat. And if you know me, I'm hungry ALL the TIME.
3. I hate it when people shake their legs in class. It's SUPER distracting!!! Especially if they PUT their damn shaking feet/foot under my CHAIR!!
4. I came to the U.S. when I was in 8th grade
5. I'm damn straight Taiwanese!!! with 1/4th Korean blood... and no, I have North Korean blood in me. la gasp!!!
6. I have a younger sistar and a younger brother. Go figure.
7. I love pokemon... OwO... it's SUPER AWESOME!!! GO CHARIZARD!!!
8. Yes, I'm Chrisitan, deal with it.
9. I play the cello. and no, it's no similar to violin. NOT AT ALL!!
10. I love to read manga... but I never seem to be able to finish many series. Like, I read a BUNCH, but i only finished a handful. Not that I don't like the ones that I didn't finish, it's just... Imma lazy... =w=

Now taggy time!!!

I choose...

yeah, 6... b/c you can only have 6 pokemon on your team, get it?

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