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People's Republic of China


White carpet and princess
Pure white princesses are prey to Rose Signet. The princess was no exception. She likes white things very much, so she is also trying to change the decoration of the room into white or pearl color. This also gave Rose Signet a good opportunity.

Unexpectedly, the pearly carpet was sewn with three magic scrolls: abyss, magic resistance and silence. These three magic makes the trapped princess can not escape, can only obediently stay in the inside waiting to be swallowed up fate. Can anyone find her trapped?
Rose Signet
Rose Signet is my new villain. She looks very pure and noble. Rose Signet is no more powerful than other princesses. Before actually inheriting the queen's position, each princess's magic was limited to a specific value.

The reason Rose Signet would be the villain. It's because Snow Field introduced the principle of pure white blood. Snow Field thinks: as a princess, blood is above everything else, and anything that is not pure white blood is an anomaly. This is also the reason for the little princess to pass the royal physician's zero-tolerance identification when she is an adult. Only the parents of pure white can give birth to pure white daughter, have a little color, do not deserve to inherit the queen's position.

So let's go back to Rose Signet. She used to have a place in her sisters, at least less ostracized. Until adulthood, the royal physician determined that she was not a pure species. Because her body color is not pure white #FFFFFF, but a #FEFFFF with a variegated color. This is the point of variegation, from now on no other princess wants to be with her. Then she began to hate, hate the world. And began to plot to kill all the pure white blood princess.

Also, Rose Signet can cast multiple spells simultaneously. It's after being identified as having mixed colors. She has been working hard at home. Every day, she writes all of her magic into one or more scrolls. These scrolls can be thrown out if needed. Release the magic of those days and months at the same time.
The trap of Rose
Rose Signet will be my villain for a long time to come. This is her debut. Hope you like it.

Although not capable of powerful magic, Rose is good at strategy. This time she tricked her adorable Snow Field into slime's lair. Finally, she was cast on the outside and trapped inside.

Snow Field: Rose! Rose Signet! When I come out, I'll never let you go!

Snow Field growls and smashes a slime.

Rose: you've got to cheer up. Here's 30 slime to take care of you.

Snow Field: damn it! I can't die in a place like this! I'll get back alive!

Later, she was submerged in slime.

The background comes from the master's
The trap of Clover
Who remembers Clover? The poor little pony that slime had dragged into the mud.
Now she's back. It's just that she has been contaminated into a monster.
Her body can fire up to 48 tentacles. Bind any pony tightly. The entangled foal could not break free. Because their strength is nothing compared to the tentacles that are the size of their hoofs. Plus the stench of narcotic toxins that Clover releases. No pony can escape.
The irony: Clover was once the daughter of queen gaia. The body gives off a very pleasant fragrance. It can also be used as an aromatherapy to treat stress. It also helps with sleep and makes you feel good. But now, her perfume is gone.
Tentacles at home
It seems that this pony will be in big trouble. The tentacles, bigger than her arms, bound her. Even more troubling is the green stench. It's hard for her to breathe. Her strength was running out and she needed help.

First of all, I thank my friend's support. I love everyone of OC, also very enjoy the OC for you to do at home. Really. If the process without the experience of don't know how good. Especially: iconMatthew298:, her wings of OC is very special. When I put the mucus daub is on her body, I feel the incomparable happiness.

But there are a few problems:

The first: our company recently in hard for the exhibition. In making PPT file on my side. This requires a lot of time and effort. When I returned home open a computer, my only idea is to see the video, and then go to sleep. But can only be seen in the way of work of inspiration. The irony is that the inspiration when they have cannot be achieved in both energy and physical strength. It is hopeless.

Second: to friends also want to make a small suggestion: your OC doesn't really like at home, isn't it? This is also why I don't like the RP: I like my work friends, I am very happy, but if specifically demonstrated in this purpose, will produce: "the OC like being at home" feeling. Just think: but a horse PONY was caught by Shi Laim, when struggling is always with a smile. At that time, I will be very uncomfortable.

Third: or go back to work on the issue of: I remember when I promised my friends request. But the question is: how long I can still remember. So, my friends. Please do something for me: please I promise you make to the requirements of the constraint graph: including material and way, or at least the reference connection. Your OC V3 password: V3 connection is as follows:…. Through the Notes to me. Please don't send repeatedly, if it is a reminder, remember just leave a message in the home page.

Miss you dingding.

:iconmarco444: :iconmelovedogs123: :iconspikestormify: :icondarkknightpl: :iconmatthew298:


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