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Movist 0.6.7 Inspirit

My new mod for my favorite Movie Player on OSX: Movist.

Mod compatible with the last version of Movist (0.6.7).

If you have question regarding the install please ask.

Inspired by Stefanka's work on is aqua Inspirat theme.
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Could someone please help me how to install this? I looked at the link that was provided, but it's still not working.
there's a guide for it if anyone needs [link]
broken link, sorry [link]
Please update for Movist 1.0 (Officially support theming)
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I can't get it work on Lion...any ideas?
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I really love this theme but can't get it work on Lion...only buttons gets dark color, background on the bottom is still grey...and it doesn't look nice...any ideas?...Thank you
Awesome skin to a great media player!
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it looks reealy goood :)

how about a vlc one? ;P
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Any chance to update to 0.6.8 ? :_
Seems to work on movist 68
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Is there posibble to port this to Movist? [link]
I think it is possible. Not everything is doable I think but the bottom bar is no problem. If you have some other ressources than the screenshot please send it to me and I'll see what I could do.
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Maybe the only problem is here [link]
here is what I got [link]
but I 'm no good at desingning the glyphs (play, next, prev, the little arrows I hope you see what I mean...) do you have them?
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Don't worry about the glyphs,I keep the old concept psd or I can rebuild to more detail,your ss smell good.Plz keep touch in twitter(me: Gniqu )
I'm already following you, I'm anthonyloret.
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fantastic old resource work on new version 0.68

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Port for VLC please! :D
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damn thats absolutely amazing. to switch from the default to that, HUGE difference! thank you!
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You should mod it for VLC !
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totally agree!
hi there !
it's a very nice skin.
but can you tell me pls where can i find that wallpaper in the screen shot ?
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